Intimate Wash & Shave - 150 ml


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  • alcohol-free
  • Milchsäure

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Vabelle Intimate Wash & Shave - 150 ml The right preparation is very important for a perfect... more

Vabelle Intimate Wash & Shave - 150 ml

The right preparation is very important for a perfect intimate shave. If you want to avoid redness, irritation and other unpleasant side effects, you should take adequate care of and wash the sensitive skin in the intimate area. After all, preparing for a smooth shave is almost as important as the shave itself. This Intimate Wash & Shave Gel will help you to prepare yourself optimally for shaving with Vabelle. Wrong products can quickly upset the natural pH in the sensitive area. But this Intimate  Wash & Shave Gel helps to maintain it and gives you a healthy feeling. 


  • Sensitive gel, specially designed for the intimate area
  • 2 in 1 effect: cleansing and shaving gel
  • Adapted to the pH value of the genital area
  • Combines refreshing cleaning and intensive care
  • High quality and natural ingredients for a skin-friendly shave
  • Also suitable for legs and armpits
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth
  • Glides the blade gently over the skin
  • Pleasant fragrance for an invigorating freshness
  • Very productive
  • Without soap
  • Without alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested


Like 70% of other women, do you also suffer from irritation and shaving burns after shaving your intimate area? Would you like to have a pleasant feeling on your skin after shaving, without any pulling or other unpleasant side effects?

Then you and Vabelle have found the solution! The Vabelle Intimate Wash & Shave Gel directly addresses these known problems. Irritations, razor burn and ingrown hairs are said goodbye with this gel. The Intimate Wash & Shave Gel knows the daily problems that arise during intimate shaving and helps to get them out of the way once and for all. A preparatory cleansing prepares the sensitive skin on the sensitive body region for shaving. The valuable ingredients provide the skin with nourishing moisture so that skin irritations don't stand a chance. Natural lactic acid maintains the natural pH value, so that a balanced climate is guaranteed. During shaving, the gel ensures that the blade glides gently over the skin and covers all areas. Silky smooth skin is now a reality! 


Only high-quality and skin-friendly ingredients have been combined in this intimate washing and shaving gel. Unique silk crystals provide valuable moisture and leave the skin silky smooth. The ingredients also ensure that skin irritations are prevented. Completely without soap and alcohol, the care leaves a pleasant smell without side effects. Natural lactic acid also helps to maintain and restore the natural pH in the intimate area. Natural but effective!


If you have longer hair, you should first trim it before shaving. This allows for a better intimate shave and prevents any tweaking. After that, Intimate Wash & Shave comes into play. Apply the care to the wet skin and massage it gently so that the gel can develop its caring effect. Then you can start shaving with the Vabelle Intimate Razor. The caring ingredients ensure that the skin is nourished and remains silky soft during shaving. After shaving, wash it off with cool water to close the pores.


Use warm water before massaging the gel in, as this opens the pores. In this way the hairs can be cut off far below the surface of the skin. This leaves a clean shave.

For even gentler results and a silky skin feel, also use Intimate Cooling Gel, which soothes and relaxes the skin after shaving.

Brands: Vabelle
Product type: Rasur-Gel, Waschlotion
Requirements: Calming, Cleansing, Refreshment
Skin type: alle Hauttypen
Ingredients: alcohol-free, Milchsäure
Target audience: ladies
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