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  • alcohol-free

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The revolution of intimate shaving! The intimate shaving is omnipresent and firmly integrated... more

The revolution of intimate shaving!

The intimate shaving is omnipresent and firmly integrated into our daily routine. But still 70% of women complain about unwanted side effects such as irritation and shaving burns. Therefore Vabelle has intensively dealt with this topic and has finally found a solution to make shaving as pampering as possible. With Vabelle Intimate Shaving Oil you reduce unpleasant side effects like irritation, shaving burn and ingrown hairs to a minimum. But why use an oil during shaving? Shaving with an oil is a completely new and revolutionary experience! On the one hand you pamper your skin with the positive effects of the oil and on the other hand you let the razor glide gently and softly over your skin. The absolute advantage of the oil is that it is transparent. So you can shave even more precisely and safely. Try this absolute novelty and experience this unique shaving experience!


  • 10 high-quality oils help with a gentle intimate shave
  • Cares and protects in one
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamin E, linoleic acid and antioxidants
  • Makes skin and hair soft
  • Removes flaky skin for a soft feeling
  • Protection, care and moisture during shaving
  • Thorough shave thanks to transparent oil
  • Makes aftercare unnecessary
  • Very productive
  • Without soap
  • Without alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Problem

Do you also suffer from unwanted side effects of intimate shaving? Are you looking for nourishing care that supports you in shaving the sensitive female body region? Then the Intimate Shaving Oil from Vabelle is the right thing for you! Thanks to its high-quality and purely natural oils, it provides intensive care for the skin. In addition, it lets the shaver glide gently over the skin. Did the shave never become as thorough and gentle as you imagined? Finally you can remedy this, because with the transparent oil you see everything. So you can shave even more precisely for more efficient, safe and smooth results. Even while shaving, the Intimate Shaving Oil prevents razor burn and ingrown hair. So even later you will benefit from the unique result of Vabelle Intimate Shaving Oil. After shaving, no additional products are necessary, because the oil already soothes and cares.


10 natural oils support the intimate shaving with their nourishing and caring essences. Tea tree oil, mint, aloe vera and bisabolol, which is extracted from chamomile, soothe and relax the skin right from the moment you shave. They also counteract the ingrowth of hair, irritation and inflammation. Enriched with valuable nutrients such as vitamin E, linoleic acid and antioxidants, this high-quality oil cares for, protects and nourishes in one. Jojoba oil, almond oil, soybean oil, aloe vera and lavender additionally help to give a particularly smooth and velvety soft shave without any problems. In addition, the resulting fine oil film helps the blades glide - for a particularly close and smooth shave. Without soap and alcohol.


Thanks to the very high yield, 2-3 drops per shave are enough! Apply these to dry skin and spread them for the following shave. For longer hairs, it is recommended to trim them before shaving. 


If the skin is still irritated and taut after shaving, the Intimate Cooling Gel is recommended. It soothes and relaxes the skin and supports the subsequent regeneration.

Brands: Vabelle
Product type: Shaving
Ingredients: alcohol-free
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