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  • alcohol-free

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Intimate Protection Roll-On against friction and inflammation The Vabelle Intimate Protection... more

Intimate Protection Roll-On against friction and inflammation

The Vabelle Intimate Protection Roll-On is a skin protection oil that has been specially formulated for the intimate area. As a roll-on, this product forms a protective layer on the skin, which protects you from rubbing and chafing after shaving. The skin is especially vulnerable in the genital area, the groin area and between the legs, which can lead to redness, ingrown hairs and pimples. The smooth protective film prevents this friction and ensures a pleasantly soft skin feeling.


  • Protects roll-on from chafing and chafing
  • Specially developed for the female genital area
  • Protects the skin and prevents rubbing and chafing
  • Prevents redness, rashes, ingrown hairs and the development of small pimples
  • Ideal for everyday use, sports or other leisure activities
  • For a pleasantly smooth and gentle skin feeling
  • No residues or stains on textiles

Skin type

The Intimate Protection Roll-On helps when your skin is rubbing and chafing on the skin or textiles.


Do you also know this problem when your skin is chafed and hurts? The rubbing and chafing of the skin causes redness, rashes and blisters. In medicine, this effect is called intertrigo, which translates from Latin as "chafed". In the vernacular, you run yourself a wolf. Whether in everyday life, during sports or other leisure activities, the intimate area, the groin area and the skin between the legs are affected because they are constantly exposed to friction. But also the anal fold and under the breasts develop red, itchy and inflammatory skin changes. New hairs can irritate the skin due to friction (redness) and grow into the skin, as they bend and penetrate the skin again. Friction and rubbing of skin on skin or textiles, irritates the skin and leads to redness, rashes, blisters. The Intimate Protection Roll-On helps with this problem.


Apply the Roll-On to the skin areas that are at risk of friction and chafing. A thin film is completely sufficient. Later, the Intimate Protection Roll-On can simply be washed off again with soap.


Thanks to its size, this protective product can be taken everywhere. Its protective film protects your skin from chafing - in everyday life, during sports or other leisure activities.

Brands: Vabelle
Requirements: Calming
Ingredients: alcohol-free
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4 Aug 2019

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