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  • alcohol-free

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Proper intimate care is a sensitive topic that often remains a mystery to many women. But that's... more

Proper intimate care is a sensitive topic that often remains a mystery to many women. But that's exactly why Vabelle has intensively dealt with this topic and has managed to revolutionise female intimate care. The Intimate Cooling Gel is an after shave gel that perfectly rounds off the right intimate shave. No more irritation and redness - that's the promise of the high-quality, natural intimate gel. Its valuable complex of active ingredients has a regenerating, soothing and cooling effect, so that unpleasant side effects of shaving disappear in no time at all.


  • After Shave Gel especially for the female intimate area
  • Has a cooling, calming and regenerating effect
  • A natural active ingredient complex relaxes and cares
  • Supports the healing of small injuries
  • With moisturizing nutrients
  • Reduces the formation of sweat
  • Counteracts unpleasant odours
  • For fresh and smooth soft skin after shaving
  • Avoids redness, ingrown hair, pimples and irritation
  • Without soap
  • Without alcohol
  • Also for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers
  • Dermatologically tested


Is your skin often very sensitive, reddened and irritated after shaving the intimate area? Does your skin tighten after shaving and does it sometimes develop pimples, ingrown hair and dryness? Then the Intimate Cooling Gel from Vabelle will certainly help you. The After Shave Gel, which was specially developed for the female intimate area, has many positive effects. For one thing, the Intimate Gel has a regenerating, calming and cooling effect, so that your irritated skin can relax after shaving. Thus your skin feels much fresher, more relaxed and silky soft already after application. On the other hand, the skin is provided with natural and valuable nutrients so that the skin does not lack sufficient moisture. In addition, lavender and sage reduce perspiration and reduce unpleasant odours. Say goodbye from now on to ingrown hair, pimples, irritation, redness and enjoy a smooth, soft skin with a stunning feeling of freshness.


The high-quality active ingredient complex is composed of various natural ingredients and ensures the very best results - by the way, it is also suitable for very sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. 

Allantoin, aloe vera, lavender and sage help to relax and soothe irritated skin. In addition, these natural ingredients support the healing of small injuries of the skin. In addition, the skin is also provided with moisturising nutrients, so that it remains supple and soft. Sage and lavender are known to inhibit perspiration and reduce the formation of unpleasant odours. Applying the gel after shaving also reduces the risk of irritation and redness. You can also say goodbye to ingrown hair, pimples and irritation thanks to Vabelle's Intimate Cooling Gel.


For after-treatment, rinse the shaved areas with cold water so that the pores close again and the skin can calm down. Afterwards it is recommended to apply the Intimate Cooling Gel with gentle movements on the shaved areas of the skin and let it work for a short time so that the gel can spread its effective effects. Experience the cooling effect shortly after application!


Ideally shave the genital area before going to bed. This allows him to relax and breathe better without tight-fitting clothing and underwear. Also avoid products containing alcohol, silk and perfumes, as these can easily irritate sensitive skin and disturb the intimate balance.

Brands: Vabelle
Product type: Shaving
Requirements: Calming, Cooling, moisture, Regeneration, Relaxation
Ingredients: alcohol-free
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