Bare Unscented Body Wash (236 ml)

John Masters Organics

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  • free from artificial colourings
  • free from artificial fragrances
  • not tested on animals
  • organic
  • paraben free
  • silicone free
  • sulphate free
  • vegan
Bare Unscented Body Wash (236 ml)
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  • Contents: 236 ml
  • Item number: SW18279

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The Bare Unscented Body Wash from John Masters Organics is a fragrance-free shower gel for... more

The Bare Unscented Body Wash from John Masters Organics is a fragrance-free shower gel for all skin types. The light but luxurious foam cleanses the skin, removes dirt and sebum deposits and leaves a fresh feeling. The natural ingredients - such as arnica, milk thistle, sunflower, white tea and vanilla - pamper the skin and protect it from bacteria. Treat yourself to a soothing shower experience with this shower gel. The product is ideal for those allergic to fragrances, but also for sensitive skin.


  • vegan and organic
  • moisturizing
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • pleasant foam
  • free from fragrances
  • perfect for frequent use

Skin type
All skin types can benefit from the Bare Body Wash. Those with a fragrance allergy will especially love this shower gel. Dry skin is pampered with an extra portion of moisture.

Are you allergic to perfume? Do you prefer natural body care products that do not contain fragrances and colorants? Do you love natural cosmetics? Do you want to improve your shower experience? Pamper your skin with the Bare Unscented Body Wash from John Masters Organics The fragrance-free formula is very gentle, your shower ritual can turn into a spa experience! Try this body wash now for softer and cleaner skin!

John Masters Organics loves nature and has created a comprehensive line of body care products. All JMO products contain no harmful ingredients and combine only the best extracts from nature to care for the skin. The Bare line consists of very gentle products that are 100% fragrance-free. The Unscented Body Wash is particularly rich, it is easy to apply and transforms into a luxurious foam. Main ingredients: 

Arnica - stimulates the blood circulation and moisturizesMary thistle
- is rich in antioxidants and protects the skin from free radicals.
Sunflower - stores moisture in the skin and protects it from harmful environmental influences.
White tea - contains natural antioxidants, prevents wrinkles and fights harmful bacteria.
Vanilla - soothes and revitalizes dull, stressed skin.

Moisturize your body. Spread a nut-sized amount of gel over the body, massaging in with circular movements until an airy lather is created. Then rinse with water. 

Scent allergy sufferer? John Masters Organics has created a whole line for your skin. Not only the shower gel, but also a rich shampoo and a seductive body lotion can now complete your natural beauty routine. 


Brands: John Masters Organics
Product line: JMO Skin Care
Product type: Shower gel
Requirements: Cleansing, moisture
Skin type: normal skin, sensitive skin
Ingredients: free from artificial colourings, free from artificial fragrances, not tested on animals, organic, paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, vegan
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