BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo - 1000ml


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  • sulphate free
BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo
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Protect your hair color from washing out! BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo protects... more

Protect your hair color from washing out! BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo protects your hair from washing out with every wash.  The shampoo can be used daily and is even suitable for fine hair. Due to the care level 1 the hair product is especially light. This means that it does not weigh down the hair. The low pH value of 4.5 - 5.0 allows for a particularly gentle cleansing of the hair, which means that the hair is only subjected to minimal stress during washing, which is a great advantage over other shampoos. BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo is very gentle on the hair even during application. This is especially important for colored hair, because it should be stressed as little as possible during washing. In addition to the low pH value, the micelles in the shampoo are also responsible for gentle cleansing. They are particularly gentle when cleaning. This benefits the scalp and also the hair fibre. Because the hair does not swell and is not stressed too much. This protects the hair colour and prevents the scalp from irritation. A further plus is the new formula which represents the optimal care for coloured hair. It provides moisture and makes the hair supple. In addition, the new formula does not contain sulphates. 


  • sulphate-free
  • reduces hair damage
  • makes the hair soft and smooth
  • with micelles
  • pH value 4.5 - 5.0 
  • ideal for damaged hair
  • for colored hair
  • gentle cleansing
  • with colour protection
  • suitable for daily use
  • prevents the ink from washing out

The sulphate free shampoo is used on wet hair. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of the shampoo to wet hair. Using your fingers, lather it up on the scalp and then distribute it evenly over the hair. Do not forget to clean the tips and lengths of the hair.  Massage the shampoo over the entire scalp and clean the hairline thoroughly. Once the entire head is lathered, rinse the hair product out with sufficient water. Your hair is now gently cleaned and cared for. For particularly damaged hair, the application of an additional care product is suitable. This can be a conditioner or a hair mask, for example. A hair mask should definitely be applied once a week. 

Hair type
The sulphate free shampoo is excellent for all coloured, tinted and chemically treated hair. Thanks to the micelles, the low pH-value it cleans the hair very gently. Thus the hair is not strained and stays healthy longer.  Due to the improved formula, the shampoo is also very caring for the hair. Because it provides even very dry hair with moisture and thus reduces hair damage. The dyed hair is provided with a special colour protection. This protects the hair colour from washing out. This keeps the hair colour fresh longer and there are no washed-out areas. 

The BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo does completely without sulfates. It is also based on a new, very caring formula. Important caring substances provide the scalp and hair with sufficient moisture and care. Furthermore, the shampoo has a colour protection which provides more shine and protects the hair colour from washing out. Another component of the shampoo are the micelles. These provide for a gentle cleaning of the hair. Thus these are not additionally stressed. 

You dyed your hair? Are you looking for a shampoo for coloured hair? You are looking for a shampoo without sulfates? You want a shampoo with micelles? Your hair is dry and damaged? You want a gentle cleanser for dyed hair? Your hair is colored? You are looking for a shampoo with color protection? You want a shampoo with micelles? Your hair is stressed from coloring? Then try BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Micellar Shampoo. It is exactly the right hair product for you. It cleanses the hair very gently and provides sufficient care. 

Dyed hair needs urgent care. Because it is stressed and often very strained by the chemical treatments. Therefore use a hair mask regularly. You should use it at least once a week. A hair mask provides the hair with additional moisture which gives it shine and suppleness. It also reduces hair breakage. 


Brands: Schwarzkopf
Product line: BC Color Freeze
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Cleansing, colour protection, shine
Hair type: coloured, dyed hair
Ingredients: sulphate free
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