Color Touch Relights /74 braun-rot


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Color Touch Relights /74 braun-rot
Color Touch Relights /74 braun-rot
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  • Basic price: CHF18.42 / 100 ml
  • Contents: 60 ml
  • Item number: SW5264

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Glossy intensive tinting with acid pH value Demi-permanent Refreshing for strands... more

Glossy intensive tinting with acid pH value

  • Demi-permanent
  • Refreshing for strands
  • Without tone depth
  • Holds up to 15 hair washes


  1. Mixing recommendationsColor
    Touch Relights always prepare with Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%. Mixing ratio 1 : 2, e.g. 30 g tinting cream + 60 g emulsion. Color Touch Relights cannot be mixed with products of another line, e.g. Color Touch Baseline or Koleston Perfect. Color Touch Relights red shades must not be applied to hair with a colour depth of 6 and lighter.

  2. ApplyWear
    gloves. Apply with brush and bowl. For more efficient application, we recommend using the applicator bottle.
    Apply Color Touch Relights evenly to washed, towel-dried hair from roots to ends.

  3. Application timeFor
    blonde shades without heat: 5-10 minutesFor
    red shades without heat: 15-20 minutes

  4. Expert TipsThe
    intelligent formula only works on lightened hair and only there does it provide new colour freshness. The remaining hair takes on a radiant shine without changing its colour.
    The luminosity and intensity of the hair depends on the brightness of the strands - the lighter the strands, the more intense and luminous the result.

  5. Expert TipsColor
    Touch Relights is not suitable for masking white.
    Color Touch Relights is perfectly suitable for the 5-minute CrystalGloss treatment ('A Touch of Gloss'; mixing ratio 1 : 3).

  6. After treatment
    Carefully emulsify with a little warm water
    the reaction time is over. Rinse thoroughly and apply System Professional 1.8 Color Saver Shampoo or Lifetex Color Protection Shampoo if necessary.
    To stabilise the colour, use System Professional 3.8 Color Saver Emulsion or Lifetex Color Protection Perfect Mousse.

Brands: Wella
Product line: Color Touch Relights
Product type: Hair toner
Requirements: shine
Desired hair colour: brown, red
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