Densi Pro Thickening Lotion - 8 x 10ml

Revlon Professional

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Densi Pro Thickening Lotion – 8 x 10ml

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Densi Pro Thickening Lotion These wonderful hair thickening ampoules from Densi Pro have... more

Densi Pro Thickening Lotion

These wonderful hair thickening ampoules from Densi Pro have been formulated to improve hair volume. This product is a head lotion that gives you volume as your hair thins. The Thickening Lotion contains important nutrients that give your scalp daily moisture and an intensive effect. With the ingredients of Aquamaris Complex, hydrolyzed pearl extract and apigenin, your hair is strengthened from within and at the same time fights against aging. With fine hair, it is very important to use the right products to prevent the hair from becoming even finer. The hair can break quickly and lose its stability if you use the wrong products. To strengthen your hair in an ideal way, you need a product that protects your hair and gives it fullness. With this line of products from Revlon's Eksperience line, you can give your hair the ideal condition it needs. This line will give your hair a new texture with little effort. Now give your hair a fuller, stronger shaft like never before with this product. The pleasant aroma of this lotion also leaves a fresh and pleasant scent, which brings you into a pleasant relaxation.


  • Structure
  • Stop
  • Abundance
  • Shine
  • Humidity
  • Suppleness
  • Rich ingredients
  • Nourishing

Hair type

This product from Densi Pro Eksperience is ideal for thinning and fine hair that has lost its structure and fullness. Your fine hair is intensively nourished and stabilised from the root. In addition, your tips are provided with a lot of moisture to prevent dryness and porosity.


When you take the ampoule out of the box, the first thing you have to do is press the lid of the ampoule so that the lotion can mix with the vitamin C it contains. Then shake well and after washing, apply to towel-dried hair, parting way. Then gently massage your scalp until the product is completely absorbed. You don't need to wash out the product and can continue with your normal styling. You can apply the ampoules of this Thickening Lotion 1-2 times a week. If you want an intensive effect, it is best to use this product for 6 weeks. In this way you will achieve exactly the result you have hoped for.


Do you have very thin hair and can't find the ideal products to apply? Have you already used any products for thinning hair, but have you not noticed any difference? With this Densi Pro Thickening Lotion from Revlon's Eksperience line, you will be able to achieve an efficient and quick effect. Your fine hair is nourished from the root with rich ingredients to give you full volume. The product strengthens your hair fibre and envelops your hair in a protective coat. This coat encloses your hair and ensures that no unwanted influences from the outside can penetrate. Your hair is strengthened with intensive moisture, ensuring that your lengths and ends are cared for.


For these unique ampoules you should ideally also use the Densi Pro Densifying Hair Cleanser and a rich grooming on top of that. You can apply the shampoo evenly to damp hair and massage it in well until it foams up. If no foam is formed, you can apply the product a second time and repeat the same procedure. Then you can dry your hair slightly and apply intensive care to the lengths and ends. This encloses your dandruff layer and ensures a smooth and supple structure. Finally, apply the Thickening Lotion ampoules to the scalp and style your hair as usual. With regular use, you will notice a fast and efficient result in a very short time.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: serum
Requirements: hair growth, anti-hair loss, moisture, Relaxation, shine, Smoothness, volume
Hair type: dry hair, fine hair, split ends
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