Lash beLong – Easy Volume Lashes

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Lash beLong – Easy Volume Lashes
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Lash beLong - Easy Volume Lashes Lash beLong eyelashes are soft, prefabricated single... more

Lash beLong - Easy Volume Lashes

Lash beLong eyelashes are soft, prefabricated single lashes, which allow you a quick and easy volume application. They give you a natural, yet extravagant look. These lashes are especially suitable for beginners who have not yet learned the fan technique. The single lashes come in different lengths and are divided into rows. You get 1 row 8 mm, 1 row 9 mm, 2 rows 10 mm, 3 rows 11 mm, 3 rows 12 mm, 1 row 13 mm and 1 row 14 mm long lashes.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Natural volume
  • Various lengths
  • Long lasting


The Lash beLong eyelashes are suitable for the professional use of eyelash volume.


Do you have very fine lashes and want to have more volume and fullness? Or do you want to learn how to apply eyelashes? Then these wonderful Lash beLong eyelashes are an ideal solution. You will achieve a unique volume and create a long-lasting look.


Avoid using oily products to cleanse your face, so you prevent the lashes from falling off and ensure long lasting lashes.

Brands: click&care
Product type: Wimpern
Requirements: volume
Target audience: ladies
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