Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brow Liner Blonde


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  • not tested on animals
  • vegan
Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brow Liner Blonde
Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brow Liner Blonde
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Perfect eyebrows are an absolute must have at the moment. And to create this look simply... more

Perfect eyebrows are an absolute must have at the moment. And to create this look simply Wunder2 has created the Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brow Liner Blonde. This is a double-sided eyebrow liner that gives the eyebrows the necessary emphasis, volume and expression. With the different thick pencils you can create a natural look as well as more accentuated eyebrows. With the slanted, slightly thicker side, the eyebrows can be accentuated and framed well. With the ultra-fine pencil, eyebrow hairs can be imitated and thus volume and fullness can be created. Thanks to these two sides, any look can be created according to desire and need. The revolutionary technology of Wunder2 promises hold for the whole day and a smudge-proof texture for a long-lasting look. Uniform eyebrows accentuate your eyes and give your face an expressive look.


  • Double-sided eyebrow pencil
  • Beveled pin for shaping the brows
  • Ultra fine pencil for imitating missing eyebrow hairs
  • For natural, as well as more daring looks
  • Also suitable for beginners
  • Long lasting, abrasion resistant formulation
  • Smooth texture makes it easy to apply

Hair Type
The Dual Percision Brow Liner Blonde is the perfect shade for lighter hair colors. The Blonde colour is a slightly darker blonde, which gives the blonde and light eyebrows more definition and emphasis. However, the colour is still natural and will match your hair colour. Apart from definition, this pencil is also suitable for filling sparsely hairy areas.

Do you want perfect eyebrows that are evenly shaped? Are you therefore looking for a pencil with which you can easily create this look? Would you like a solution that makes it easy, quick and easy to create the desired shape of the eyebrows? This double-sided eyebrow pencil from Wunder2 has the necessary tools to conjure up your dream eyebrows. Would you like the pencil to glide gently over the skin and create a natural and not too extreme look? Do you want a natural look where the areas are filled with hairs? With the two sides of the pencil you can easily achieve this look. One side helps you shape, define and emphasize. With the fine side, you can paint the hairs on, creating a complete look in just a few steps.

In the Dual Precision Brow Liner you will find two different pens - one on each side. They equip you perfectly for the make-up of your brows. The wide side of the liner is triangular and slightly bevelled. This creates expressive and striking eyebrows with more definition. With the narrow tip on the other side, hairs can be imitated.

Start with the thicker, bevelled side of the pin. This will help you to bring the eyebrows into the desired shape. To accentuate them, draw a line only on the lower side of your eyebrows. Then continue to apply the product to the front of the eyebrows with light pen strokes. Always proceed in the direction of hair growth. You should apply less pressure on the inside of the eyebrow, whereas the outer tip of the eyebrow should be a little darker. Proceed carefully, because you can always add more. Then fill the brow with the fine side of the pencil. This pencil will help you to imitate the missing hairs of the eyebrow. You should also make these strokes in fine movements in the direction of growth so that it looks like real hairs. This fine side is perfect for a more natural look. For more detailed instructions, watch the Wunder2 video.
Finally, brush the eyebrow with a brow brush, also called a spoolie. This way you blend the product into the brows and make the look softer and more natural.

Use the Wunderborw Fiber Filler from Wunder 2 to keep your eyebrows perfect all day long. This eyebrow gel strengthens the look and gives the hair even more volume and fullness. Its texture lasts up to 24 hours and is water-resistant and abrasion-proof. For even more eyebrow products check out the other Wunderbrow products from Wunder2.

Brands: Wunder2
Product line: Wunderbrow
Product type: Eyebrows
Ingredients: not tested on animals, vegan
Desired hair colour: blonde
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