Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic - 125ml

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Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic - 125ml

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Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic This Anti Hairloss Revitalizing Tonic  helps you fight... more

Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic

This Anti Hairloss Revitalizing Tonic helps you fight against hair loss. It is a revitalizing tonic that penetrates into your hair shaft and provides intense effectiveness. It is ideal for fine and weakened hair that needs structure and strength. This wonderful product counteracts hair loss and protects your hair from additional external influences. Anti Hair Loss is a product line that intensively stimulates hair growth and gives your hair a new strength and vitality. It gives your hair root a stability, so that it can grow again new and more intensive. Many people, women and men suffer from hair loss and it can occur at any age. With this product you can counteract your hair loss at an early stage and strengthen your hair root. You will notice an intensive effect after about 2 months. Your hair will feel firmer and stronger. In addition, you will notice the stability of your hair shaft during styling. Give your hair and scalp a wonderful and structured texture with this product and enjoy a full and decisive hairstyle without much effort.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • Suppleness
  • Structure
  • Active effect
  • Easy to use
  • Rich ingredients
  • Fixation of the hair root

Hair type

This Anti Hairloss Revitalizing Tonic is perfect for fine and weak hair that needs new strength and body. Fine hair can quickly appear unclean and very unstable. To avoid this it needs intensive care, which penetrates into the cuticle layer and provides a strengthening structure. Your fine hair is strengthened from within and at the same time provided with a lot of moisture. You will notice a noticeably fuller result after just a few applications. Weak hair can occur for various reasons. This tonic rebuilds your stalks and gives your hair a strengthening structure from the root. Your weak hair will be rebuilt and you will notice a more stable and stronger elasticity in your hair.


You can apply this Eksperience Anti Hair Loss product to your scalp every day, preferably parting the scalp and massaging it in gently. The application can be repeated cyclically in spring and autumn, so that you can achieve a more intensive result each time you use it. 


Do you suffer from hair loss and notice daily how your hairbrush has new hair strands even though you comb your hair gently? Does your hair look very dull and weak and has a very fine and sensitive structure? Have you ever used any products against hair loss, but they do not work against you? Have you even spent too much money because new products were always recommended to you? Then this Anti Hair Loss Tonic is ideal for you. It prevents additional hair loss and strengthens your thin and fine hair without weighing it down. If you use this product 2-3 times a week for 2 months, you will notice an immediate and visible change. Your brush will no longer have unwanted strands when combing, your dull and limp hair will regain an incredible shine and your hair will automatically become fuller and more voluminous without the need for additional styling products.


Are you also so fascinated by this Anti Hair Loss line from Ekspereince Revlon and want to try more products? You can combine any of the products in the Eksperience line and achieve a wonderful result. Another unbelievable product from this line is the Revitalizing Lotion. After washing, you can apply it on the scalp in the same way as the nati hair loss revitalizing tonic, parting way, and massage it in well. Massage is an important step in both products, as it additionally stimulates the blood circulation and helps to stimulate your hair roots in combination with the product. The lotion comes in small ampoules, which you should also use 1-2 times a week for a few weeks to achieve a magical result.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: serum, styling spray
Requirements: hair growth, anti-hair loss, moisture, shine, Smoothness, texture, structure, volume
Hair type: damaged hair, fine hair, mature hair
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