Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil


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Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil
Redken Glow Dry Group
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Redken Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil is a cleansing scrub for the hair. It prepares the hair for the... more

Redken Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil is a cleansing scrub for the hair. It prepares the hair for the subsequent treatment with Redken Diamond Oil Gloss Shampoo. By using the Scrub, the hair is perfectly cleaned and the natural shine is brought out especially well. The fine, natural apricot kernel particles thoroughly clean the hair and scalp. The peeling feels very relaxing and stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp. Ideal for a healthy and vital scalp. The Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil should be used once a week to cleanse the hair from all dirt. It is also ideal for removing styling residues. 


  • cleans the scalp thoroughly
  • removes styling residues from the hair
  • provides for great shine
  • makes the hair soft and smooth
  • with natural peeling effects
  • ideal for every hair type
  • oil based formula
  • moisturizes

The Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil is applied before washing. It is always applied to wet hair. Massage it well and evenly into the hair to ensure thorough cleansing. If you use styling products frequently, the Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil can be used more times a week. Thorough cleaning of the scalp is essential for healthy hair. Once the hair and scalp have been cleaned with the Scrub, rinse with plenty of water. Make sure to remove all residues of Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil from the hair. Then use the Diamond Oil Glow Dry Shampoo.

Hair type
The oil-based Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil can be used for all hair types. It is suitable for dry, fine, thick or stressed hair. 

You want more shine in your hair? Do you want your hair to be thoroughly cleaned? You want a scrub for your scalp? Are you looking for a hair product that makes styling and blow-drying easier? You want to rinse styling residues from your hair? Then the Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil is the right product for you. 

For more shine in your hair you should use the appropriate products to go with Gloss Scrub Diamond Oil. Also use the Diamond Oil Glow Dry and the appropriate conditioner. 

Brands: Redken
Product line: Diamond Oil
Requirements: Cleansing, shine
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15 May 2017

Sehr gute und intensive Reinigung

Habe den Scrub hauptsächlich auf der Kopfhaut angewendet, da ich schnell fettende Haare habe. Der Scrub reinigt wirklich gut, obwohl die kleinen Stücke etwas irritieren und sich nicht so gut auswaschen lassen. Gut finde ich, dass die Peeling-Stücke nicht aus Plastik sondern aus Aprikosenkernen sind. Den Scrub habe ich gründlich in die Kopfhaut einmassiert und anschliessend bin ich noch in die Längen der Haare damit gegangen.


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