Ionia Azuré Tattoopflegeöl

Ionia Azuré

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  • alcohol-free
  • Aloe Vera
  • biologisch
  • organic
  • paraben free
  • silicone free
  • sulphate free
Ionia Azuré Tattoopflegeöl
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Ionia Azuré tattoo oil The new Skincare Oils line from Ionia Azuré has finally reached us!... more

Ionia Azuré tattoo oil

The new Skincare Oils line from Ionia Azuré has finally reached us! Exclusively available from us. This new line has something for every need, choose your favourite from 12 products with 100% natural origin. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the new Skincare Oils from Ionia Azuré!

With the new tattoo care oil from Ionia Azuré you are armed with the best care product for your tattoo. It not only moisturizes and protects your tattoo, but also supports the healing and regeneration of the skin afterwards.


  • natural maintenance component
  • biological origin
  • without silicone
  • unalcoholic
  • no preservatives
  • without parabens
  • without emulsifiers


Would you like a gentle but effective care for your (future) tattoo? Are natural ingredients important to you? Then the tattoo care oil from the new Skincare Oils by Ionia Azuré will be your new companion! Guaranteed all-round care, also from the inside! For an optimal and intensive result of your tattoo.

How does the Ionia Azuré tattoo oil work?

Aloe vera and milk thistle seed oil are known for their supporting effect in wound healing, they support the healing process and the regeneration of the skin. Chia oil moisturizes the skin and weakens the unpleasant itching that one experiences during a healing process.


The cellulite oil consists of three valuable organic oils, namely aloe oil (33.3% ), milk thistle seed oil (33.3% ) and chia oil (33.3% ).

 The aloe oil is extracted from the medicinal plant aloe vera and has several effects: On the one hand it intensively moisturizes the skin and on the other hand the oil has a regenerating effect and supports the natural cell structure of the skin tissue. Both functions are extremely important for the care of freshly tattooed areas, as they need a lot of moisture and support for regeneration. In addition, the aloe oil has an antibacterial effect, which protects the open wound of a fresh tattoo from dirt and infections.

Milk thistle seed oil has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and therefore has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also suitable for sensitive, dry and flaky skin. It not only provides your skin with intensive moisture, but also promotes skin elasticity and thus improves the skin's appearance.
Chia oil has a tightening and anti-inflammatory effect when applied externally to the skin. It is an ideal care element for dry and sensitive skin, as it also provides additional moisture. The antioxidants contained in chia oil stimulate cell regeneration.
Due to the high concentration of the oils and the interaction of their effects, they are the ideal care product for your tattoos!

Beauty benefits

  • All-round care for your tattoo
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Pure regeneration for your new tattoo
  • provides the skin with moisture
  • Supports the healing of wounds


When using the tattoo care oil, it depends on which healing phase you are currently in. However, you can start using it even before the tattoo.

One week before the tattoo date

About one week before the tattoo date you can start to rub your future tattooed area with the tattoo oil and prepare your skin optimally. This preparation will also make it easier for your tattoo artist, because your skin is smooth and therefore easier to tattoo.

The first days after the tattoo

For the first three days after the sting you should not use the oil or any other care products. The ingredients could get into the ink particles through the open areas and damage your tattoo. Normally you will wear a foil for the first three days anyway to protect your new artwork. After you are allowed to remove the foil, you should not use care products immediately, because after all it is an open small wound. This will allow the plasma and other blood to drain and provide the wound with sufficient air. If you still want to care for your tattoo during this time, we recommend that you ask a specialist for advice.

From the fourth or fifth day (varies from person to person) the wound is mostly closed and the redness should have reached its maximum point. From now on you can use the tattoo care oil from Ionia Azuré again. Your skin needs support so that it can regenerate as quickly as possible. We recommend that you use the tattoo oil twice a day at the beginning, in the morning and in the evening. A small amount of the care oil is already sufficient for optimal care, as it can be spread very well on the skin. It is recommended to clean the tattoo carefully and dry before the care. Here the calming and regenerating effect of the aloe and milk thistle oil comes into play. Towards the end of the first week a crust will form, it is extremely important that you do not scratch it off during the care!

The second week after the tattoo

In the course of the second week you will not want to part with the tattoo oil of Ionia Azuré anymore! The tattooed skin is completely dried out and itches a lot. Even now, scratching is forbidden! Otherwise you could still scrape off paint and damage the tattoo. But thanks to the care oil, your skin is provided with plenty of moisture and care. Your skin is softer, the itching is minimized and the crust is cared for. Some crusts even become so soft that they fall off by themselves.
Tip: If you can hardly stand the itching, we have another product that you can use additionally. Swiss Malva Actives has been specially developed to combat redness and itching.

The third and fourth week after the tattoo

From this time on, the skin slowly begins to recover. You will see that the crusts fall off by themselves and itching will no longer be an issue. Nevertheless, we recommend that you continue to care for your tattoo with the care oil once or twice a day.

The fifth week after the tattoo

Your skin looks smooth and recovered again, but the healing process is not over yet. The deeper layers of skin need a while to be back to their original state. This process can (but does not have to!) take up to six months. The faster and better the deeper skin layers regenerate, the more beautiful and precise your tattoo will finally look. Therefore, we recommend to care for your skin with the tattoo care oil at least once a day. After about two months you can see the final result in its full splendour.
Tip: If you have some oil left over after your tattoo care, you can safely apply it to scratches, small burns or other small wounds.
But please note that the healing process is different from person to person and therefore the healing stages can vary. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have pain or inflammation!


All Ionia Azure Products are manufactured and packed in Switzerland.


Discover even more of the biological Ionia Azuré care oil products here!

Brands: Ionia Azuré
Product type: Body oil
Requirements: Calming, Deep repair, moisture, Refreshment, Regeneration, Smoothness
Ingredients: alcohol-free, Aloe Vera, biologisch, organic, paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free
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