Nissenkamm 372W-62W

Hercules Sägemann

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Hercules Sägemann Nissenkamm 3,5" 372W-62W
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Hercules saw man nit comb 3,5" 372W-62W With the nit comb from Hercules Sägemann you no... more

Hercules saw man nit comb 3,5" 372W-62W

With the nit comb from Hercules Sägemann you no longer have lice and nits. These vermin grow to an average length of 2 to 3.5 mm and are already visible to the naked eye. The nit comb removes these unwanted scalp visitors thanks to the fine tooth pitch of less than 1mm. Thanks to their resistance to chemicals, Hercules Sägemann combs are ideal for this application. 

The Sägemann combs are made of 100% natural rubber and a hard rubber mixture. They are 100% hair-, scalp-friendly, shapely and made of best elasticity. Only the best for your hair! Fine to the hair, strong to unwanted visitors!

Brands: Hercules Sägemann
Product type: komb
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