Damenkamm 603/7,5 - 330/7,5

Hercules Sägemann

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Hercules Sägemann Damenkamm 7,5" 603/7,5 - 330/7,5
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Hercules Sägemann Ladies' Comb 7.5" 603/7.5 - 330/7.5 The wide-toothed comb from Hercules... more

Hercules Sägemann Ladies' Comb 7.5" 603/7.5 - 330/7.5

The wide-toothed comb from Hercules Sägemann - the masterpiece for styling your hair at home. Whether curls, lots of volume or straight hair - this styling comb the perfect look. The smooth-free comb to protect the cuticle of the hair. 100% antistatic. 

Sägemann combs are made of natural rubber and a hard rubber compound. Absout hair and scalp friendly. Shapely and elastic. The best quality for your hair!




Brands: Hercules Sägemann
Product type: komb
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