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  • alcohol-free
  • silicone free
Speed Dry
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Speed Dry - reduces the drying time by 30%. Color WOW Speed Dry is a hairdryer spray which... more

Speed Dry - reduces the drying time by 30%.

Color WOW Speed Dry is a hairdryer spray which drastically reduces the drying time. This spray protects the hair from the heat and ensures faster drying, up to 30% . Without alcohol it does not dry out the hair. It protects the hair colour from fading and hair breakage. Thanks to a nourishing formula, hair becomes smooth and more resistant.


  • Hairdryer spray without alcohol
  • 30% shorter blow-drying time
  • Prevents colour loss in hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Protection against dehydration
  • Without silicone
  • Gives a shine

Hair type

Speed Dry is suitable for all who want to shorten their blow-drying time. If you use your hair dryer frequently, it is important to protect your hair from the extreme heat. Coloured hair also benefits, as colour loss is particularly critical when blow-drying.


Longer blow-drying causes colour loss. Due to the constant heat, coloured hair loses its colour more quickly, as well as its beautiful shine. Additionally, the heat causes hair breakage. Due to the tension during blow drying, as well as dehydration, the hair becomes weaker and more fragile and breaks more quickly. The solution is therefore Color WOW with Speed Dry. This blow-dryer spray reduces the drying time up to 30%. Thanks to a new technology the water can be removed from the hair without dehydrating the hair. Additionally, the spray contains caring ingredients.


The polymer contained acts like a film that contracts to squeeze out excess water while preventing critical fluid loss. This way the hair dries faster and without dehydration. A mixture of keratin proteins and silk amino acids helps to increase elasticity and resistance.
Furthermore, Speed Dry is completely free of alcohol, as well as silicone.


After shampooing and conditioning, dry the hair with a towel. Spray Speed Dry Hairdryer Spray generously on the hair and comb through. Use other styling products as desired. Blow-dry and refine.


If desired, apply cocktails before the Speed Dry. It is not necessary to use Speed Dry with Dream Coat.

Brands: Color WOW
Requirements: reduced drying time, shine
Hair type: coloured, dyed hair
Ingredients: alcohol-free, silicone free
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