Duft-Sticks Brown 51 (200ml)


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Duft-Sticks Brown 51 (200ml)

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  • Basic price: CHF12.08 / 100 ml
  • Contents: 200 ml
  • Item number: SW15929

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Take the time and let us accompany you on a journey around the world! Janzen's care products and... more

Take the time and let us accompany you on a journey around the world! Janzen's care products and room fresheners give users an experience of six different fragrances. Let yourself be inspired and enchanted! The fragrance sticks will enchant your home into the desired oasis of well-being with relaxation for you, your soul and your body. Thanks to the practical design, combined with the wooden sticks, your desired fragrance can be immediately spread and refreshed throughout the room. Don't you want your home to smell like your favourite holiday destination? Just relax, enjoy and rest. The best part is that these scented sticks last up to 5 months and can be easily refilled afterwards.

Brown 51 from exotic flowers and saffron is a luxurious and warm fragrance. Amber conveys the imperishability of nature again, while the "king of spice", i.e. saffron, brings a nuance of spicy and warm. A mixture of herbs and exotic flowers make this room fragrance a dream for the senses.


  • Main scents: exotic flower and saffron
  • warm, warm and luxurious fragrance
  • disperses long pleasant fragrance, approx. 5 months
  • available in six fragrances
  • easily refillable
  • enchants your home into a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere

The use of these scented sticks does not require any instructions, because it is very easy to use. Nevertheless, here is a short description. Pour the liquid into the glass container provided. Afterwards you put the scent sticks vertically into the glass bottle. The wooden sticks should be evenly distributed so that the scent can escape more easily and spread throughout the room. Your chosen scent will last up to five months. The consumption varies depending on the location of the fragrance dispenser, because in a warmer place the liquid evaporates faster than in colder places.

Let your journey around the world begin. Six fragrance variations take you on a journey around the world. The Janzen fragrance sticks create a pleasant, cosy atmosphere with pleasant and exotic aromas.


  • Glass holder
  • Scent sticks
  • Liquid 200ml

Product type: Room scent
Requirements: Calming, Relaxation
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