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Glue Bra Satin D-F 3 pairs - The bra glue for firmer and natural looking breasts The Bye Bra... more

Glue Bra Satin D-F 3 pairs - The bra glue for firmer and natural looking breasts

The Bye Bra adhesive bra consists of a very thin, flexible, self-adhesive foil, which allows you to lift your breasts a few centimetres upwards and stabilises them gently and discreetly. Without the need for a bra or surgery, your breasts look firmer and more natural. However, since the breasts are not covered like with conventional bras, a natural freedom of movement is retained. Bye Bra's satin adhesive bra not only lifts your breasts and creates symmetry, but also increases your sense of well-being. Since the adhesive is waterproof, it can also be worn under a bikini. You get a beautifully shaped décolleté, without the need for a spiky bra!
The package contains 3 pairs of adhesive bra.


  • Size: D-F
  • invisible
  • pack of 3
  • Satin material
  • very thin, flexible, self-adhesive foil
  • increased mobility
  • beautiful breast shape
  • long-lasting support
  • dermatologically tested
  • creates symmetry
  • increases the well-being
  • waterproof
  • Colour: Nude

Skin type

The adhesive tape is dermatologically tested and absolutely compatible for all skin types.


Can't find the perfect bra for your strapless, backless or specially cut garments? Don't you like wearing clothes without a bra? Do you feel insecure about your breasts in a bikini? With the adhesive bra from Bye Bra you can wear all your clothes with confidence! Every woman and every body is unique and beautiful in its own way. These adhesive bras help you feel more confident and show off your décolleté without the need to wear restricting bras. Due to the practical shape of the adhesive, you have a better feeling of freedom. Say goodbye to tight bras and fall in love with the freedom of movement you get with Bye Bra.


The adhesive tape is developed by the world market leader in the production of medical adhesives and is dermatologically tested. As the adhesive tape is also used for plasters and bandages, it is absolutely compatible for all skin types.


Stick the adhesive above the nipple without removing the upper paper. Then remove the paper and stick on the adhesive bra by pulling your breast upwards. Glue the nipple cover on the nipple. Don't worry, as the adhesive bras are waterproof, they will support you even in slightly sweaty moments and won't leave you hanging!
The silk nipple covers are not reusable.


This article cannot be exchanged for reasons of hygiene.


Note that imitation products can cause skin irritation due to cheap chemicals.

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Brands: ByeBra
Product type: Kleber
Requirements: Skin firming, wasserfest
Skin type: alle Hauttypen, dry skin, greasy skin, mature skin, normal skin, sensitive skin
Hold: strong hold
Target audience: ladies
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