Magic Finish (200ml)


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Magic Finish (200ml)
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  • Contents: 200 ml
  • Item number: SW16323

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The environmentally friendly, aerosol-free hairspray Magic Finish provides your hair with... more

The environmentally friendly, aerosol-free hairspray Magic Finish provides your hair with intensive but flexible hold, luxurious shine and protection against moisture. These components enable the hairspray to provide all-round protection and effective hold for your hairstyle. The Magic Finish does not stick to your hair and does not leave any tedious residue that could potentially compromise the naturalness of your styles. The ultimate shine makes your looks and hairstyles look more glamorous. The pleasant fragrance of the product makes the application a real feel-good experience. 


  • No residue
  • No sticking
  • Aerosol-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Strong hold
  • Moisture protection
  • Luxurious, shiny finish

Hair type
The environmentally friendly, aerosol-free hairspray Magic Finish is effective on all hair types. Your hairstyles, no matter whether with long or short hair, always succeed. 

Are you looking for a reliable hairspray that gives your hair an effective hold and at the same time rounds off the result with a shiny finish?  Do you want to prevent your hair from sticking together and finding product residues in your extraordinary styling? Would you like a product that has all the benefits and is environmentally friendly? Then you have hit the bull's eye with the Magic Finish hairspray. Your hairstyles become irresistible and you have complete control over every single hair, without the hair getting hard or trying to disappear from the painstakingly designed hairstyle over time.
Convince yourself now of the quality of the aerosol-free hairspray Magic Finish and do something good for yourself, your hair and the environment!

The aerosol-free hairspray owes its good reputation to the fact that it is very environmentally friendly. Most hairsprays are "powered" by aerosol, which means that pressure is built up to spray the product from the can. Aerosol-free hairsprays, on the other hand, work with pump sprays, which does not build up any gas and therefore does not produce any CO2 emissions.

The product is best sprayed onto the hair at a distance of 15-20cm. To avoid stains in the hair, it is easiest to hold the can at an angle and spray over the hair. This creates a small mist which applies the product evenly to the desired areas. 

You can find additional high quality styling products in the Goldwell StyleSign category. The variety of products makes it possible to find the right styling product for every need. 

Brands: Goldwell
Product line: StyleSign
Product type: hairspray
Requirements: hold, shine
Hold: medium hold
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