Infinium Pure Duftfrei Extra-Strong (500 ml)


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  • free from artificial fragrances
Infinium Pure Duftfrei Extra-Strong (500 ml)
CHF17.75 CHF 25.50

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  • Basic price: CHF3.55 / 100 ml
  • Contents: 500 ml
  • Item number: SW16777

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The Infinium Pure Extra Strong has a hypoallergenic formula and extra strong hold. The quality... more

The Infinium Pure Extra Strong has a hypoallergenic formula and extra strong hold. The quality of the product is another factor that L'Oréal Professionell has taken into account when revising the product. Whether you are a fragrance-sensitive person or allergy sufferer - no one has to go without an exceptional styling and hold experience. 


  • No fragrance
  • hypoallergenic
  • Dries immediately
  • No residues after brushing
  • Does not stick
  • Beautiful shine

Hair type/skin
The hypoallergenic formula allows the hairspray to be used on any hair and skin type. Since the spray does not cause any allergic reactions, you can use this hairspray as much as you like.

Are you a styling-conscious allergy sufferer who unfortunately cannot fix his or her stylish hairstyles with a hairspray, as this could cause allergic reactions? But you still don't want to do without a modern and self-confident styling? Are you longing for unusual hairstyles that absolutely need hold? Are you tired of having sticky hair and still finding residues of hairspray in your hair after brushing it out? Are you a fragrance-sensitive person who cannot cope with the penetrating, mostly very alcohol-laden smell and longs for a neutral spray? Infinium Pure Hairspray Extra-Strong is just the right solution for you. With only 6 ingredients, the spray conjures incredible hairstyles that will last! Your hair stays flexible and can be styled to your liking. In addition, Infinium Pure Extra-Strong gives your hair a beautiful shine that you can't imagine doing without. The Infinium Pure Strong is the all-round package for a wonderful finish! Convince yourself of the incredible quality and yield.

Infinium Pure Hairsprays shine with outstanding quality and innovative effectiveness. With a concentrated formula of only 6 ingredients, the hairspray can definitely keep up with the competition. Also, the addition of artificial fragrances has been eliminated in this spray to provide a balanced styling experience for even the most fragrance-sensitive people.

The Infinium Pure Hairspray can be used like a normal hairspray. Thanks to the fine spray head, the gentle hairspray can be evenly distributed on the desired areas and leaves no unsightly residue. 

Infinium Pure hairsprays in other strengths and sizes can be found at click&care at reasonable prices. 


Brands: L'Oréal
Product line: Infinium
Product type: hairspray
Requirements: hold
Hair type: normal hair
Hold: strong hold
Ingredients: free from artificial fragrances
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