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Wella WellaPlex Salon Kit No.1&2
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Colouring damages and stresses the hair? It does not have to be! Because with the revolutionary... more

Colouring damages and stresses the hair? It does not have to be! Because with the revolutionary hair care product Wellaplex, hair can be intensively cared for and repaired as soon as it is coloured. The most innovative technologies and formulations ensure wonderfully smooth and healthy hair. Because the novel formula has been specially developed for coloured hair. It penetrates deep into the hair and builds bridges from the inside at the broken hair. This is because dyeing attacks and strains the hair surface. It becomes brittle. A consequence of this is dull hair and hair breakage. The hair also tends to dry out. 

Thanks to the WellaPlex, however, this can be prevented as far as possible. Because that is precisely the task of the new WellaPlex Salon Kit 1&2 care system from Wella - deep repair even while colouring. 

The WellaPlex hair products are used during colouring and bleaching as well as for hair reconstruction and repair. The Salon Kit repairs the hair intensively. It is suitable for the reconstruction of hair that has been damaged by: 

  • Environmental influences
  • chemical processes (dyeing, forming)
  • mechanical effects 

has been damaged. 

The salon kit contains N°1 Bond Maker and N°2 Bond Stabilizer in 500ml each.
The N°1 Bond Maker is used during bleaching or colouring. It strengthens the hair and creates new connections in the hair. The special effect of the Bond Maker is to open the cuticle of the hair, which prepares the hair perfectly for colouring. This has the advantage that the colour molecules can penetrate the hair more easily. There they ensure better colouring and bleaching results. The Bond Maker is ideal for all Wella hair colours, bleaching and reshaping products. Because the WellaPlex Bond Maker has the perfect consistency and the right pH value to achieve a perfect result with Wella colouring products.
In addition to the WellaPlex Bond Maker the kit also contains the N°2 Bond Stabilizer. The Bond Stabilizer is used in the second step. It ensures that the pH value of the hair is balanced again. This smoothes the surface of the hair and traps the colour inside. It should be emphasized that the Bond Stabilizer reduces hair damage by up to 97% compared to bleaching without Wellaplex. 



  • no colour shifts 
  • no influence on the exposure time
  • perfectly balanced consistency 
  • for healthy and well-groomed hair
  • prevents hair breakage
  • intensifies the colour result
  • makes the hair look healthy
  • ideal for regular hair colouring
  • easy to handle
  • all products in one kit
  • repairs even severely damaged hair


Application when dyeing and bleachin

Step: Mix No.1 Bond Maker with the hair color or bleach. 

To use the WellaPlex during colouring and bleaching, the Bond Maker is used first. Mix it with the hair colour or bleaching in the specified quantity. Now the colour is perfectly prepared for the hair. Apply the mixed product to the hair and distribute it evenly. Now the hair product must take effect. When the reaction time (as stated on the package) is reached, the Bond Maker is washed out together with the colour. Do not use shampoo for this. It is sufficient to rinse the hair only with water. Now dry the hair slightly with a towel. The next step is to treat the hair with the WellaPlex Bond Stabilizer. Apply the product evenly to the hair and let it work for 10 minutes. After the application time, the WellaPlex Bond Stabilizer is thoroughly rinsed out of the hair. Use shampoo. 

Tip: For regular care and strengthening, we recommend using Hair Stabilizer No.3.

wellaplex-application-f-treatment-f-blonding-picture instructions


Application for reconstruction and reconstruction

  1. Step: Shampoo the hair and dry it with the towel. 
  2. Step: Mix No.1 Bond Make with water in the applicator bottle in a ratio of 1:6. 
  3. Step: Apply the mixture to the hair and let it work in for 5 minutes. Do not rinse the mixture. 
  4. Step: Then  apply the Bond Stabilizer and let it work for 10 minutes
  5. Step: Apply the Bond Stabilizer and let it work for 10 minutes
  6. Step:  Then rinse and shampoo the hair as usual and apply conditioner e.g. from Wella Fusion


wellaplex-application-repair-reconstruction-image guide

Hair type
WellaPlex products are suitable for all hair that needs to be coloured or unshaped. It can be used for already coloured or very stressed hair. Thanks to its special formulation, it can even be used on natural but damaged hair. It is important that the instructions are followed exactly. Since it is a salon exclusive product, it is only for professional use.

Wellaplex the counterpart to Olaplex?
You have hair that's tired from dyeing? Your hair is dry, brittle and needs intensive care? Are you looking for a hair product that rebuilds your hair? You want to care for your dyed hair? You are looking for a bonder like Olaplex for your hair? You have especially damaged hair from dyeing?
Then the WellaPlex is the right hair product for you!
It builds up the hair intensively and provides new shine.

After treatment with WellaPlex 1 and 2, WellaPlex 3 should be used regularly. It protects the hair and ensures healthy and well-groomed hair until the next application of WellaPlex 1 and 2.


Brands: Wella
Product line: WellaPlex
Requirements: colour protection, Deep repair, Regeneration
Hair type: blonde, bleached hair, Chemically treated hair, coloured, dyed hair, damaged hair
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