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Majirel Mix Vert
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Exciting colour creations and perfect grey hair coverage. Result Intense, deep and... more

Exciting colour creations and perfect grey hair coverage.


Intense, deep and shimmering colours, from soft and subtle to really daring tones, for a partial or global effect. Your hair is cared for and protected, coloration by coloration.


Oxidative coloration with double action. The selective care ingredient (Ionène G and Incell) works deep into the hair and on the hair surface. The unique colorant combinations give the hair a reflexive and durable coloration.

Shelf life

Oxidative Coloration (permanent)


In mix with Majirel, perfect coverage up to 100% white


Up to 3 colours

Exposure time

35 minutes of intensification or neutralization. 20 to 30 minutes applied pure for special effects.

Instructions for use

Add 1/4 tube Majirel Mix to the normal Majirel mix For
special effects: Mix 1:1.5 with Oxydant 0 or 1

mixture for intensification & neutralization

  • Medium to dark shades1
    tube Majirel + 75ml Oxydant + 1/4 tube Majirel Mix
  • Bright nuances1
    tube Majirel + 75ml Oxydant + 1 to 2 cm Majirel Mix

Mixture for intensive colour streaks

  • Lightening base light yellow for the cold Majirel Mix shades
  • Lightening base yellow for the warm Majirel Mix shades1/2
    tube Majirel Mix + 37.5ml Oxydant (mixture 1:1.5)

Choice of oxidant

  • Intensification & Neutralization: Oxydant 1 or 2
  • Intense streaks of colour: Oxydant 1 or 0

After use

Emulsify well and rinse thoroughly.
Finish with Optimiseur Post-Color

Brands: L'Oréal
Product line: Majirel
Product type: Grey coverage, Hair colour
Desired hair colour: green
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