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ph-Bonder Kit
pH Bonder
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Redken's pH-Bonder Kit contains everything that helps to regenerate hair during colouring. The... more

Redken's pH-Bonder Kit contains everything that helps to regenerate hair during colouring. The kit consists of Redken pH-Bonder #1 Bond Protecting Additive and pH-Bonder #2 Fiber Restorative and a dosing syringe.
The Redken pH-Bonder products are ready to regenerate the hair during coloration. Unlike regenerative hair care products, pH-Bonder can penetrate and nourish the hair as soon as it is colored. The #1 Bond Protecting Additive is a bonder that strengthens and builds up the hair fiber. Inside the hair the bonder creates many connections and bridges to regenerate the hair. This repairs and fills brittle areas that have been damaged by dyeing. The hair looks healthier and more vital - even after colouring.
The pH Bonder #2 Fiber Restorative pre-wash Concentrate is a pre-shampoo that is applied after the application with the #1 Bond Protecting. It additionally strengthens and builds up the hair fibre.


  • everything you need to repair your hair
  • ideal for heavily colored hair
  • repairs the hair already during dyeing
  • provides for more connections in the hair
  • fills gaps in the hair structure
  • with dosing syringe
  • restores shine and care to dyed hair
  • with latest fiber technology

Only suitable for professional use. Follow the instructions carefully. Mix the paint as usual. Then add the correct amount of #1 Bond Protecting Additive. Add the Bond Protecting Additive to the fully mixed colour first. Then use the color as usual. After the reaction time, the colour is washed out and removed completely. The hair is dried with a towel to remove excess water. In the last step the pH-Bonder Fiber Restorative is used. Take a sufficient amount of the pre-wash and apply it to the hair. Spread it evenly and leave it for 10 minutes at room temperature. Then rinse the Fiber Restorative thoroughly. The hair is now deeply nourished. To continue to care for the hair at home after the pH-Bond treatment, the pH-Bonder Post-Service Perfector should be used once a week. This pre-shampoo maintains the care effect until the next colouring treatment. 

Note: Redken pH-Bond is for professional use only. The products in the set are sufficient for about 17 applications. 

Hair type
Redken pH-Bonder products are suitable for dyed or chemically treated hair. The hair care is applied to the hair together with the hair color. The new pH-Bonder technology only works with already dyed and chemically treated hair.

The set contains 

  • 1 x pH Bonder #2 Fiber Restorative (250ml)
  • 1 x dosing syringe
  • 1 x pH-Bonder #1 Bond Protecting Additive (125ml)


Brands: Redken
Product line: pH-Bonder
Requirements: Regeneration
Hair type: blonde, bleached hair, Chemically treated hair, coloured, dyed hair
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