Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment (200ml)

Philip Martin's

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  • free from artificial colourings
  • free from artificial fragrances
  • not tested on animals
  • organic
  • paraben free
  • silicone free
  • sulphate free
  • vegan
Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment (200ml)
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  • Contents: 200 ml
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The Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment from the Italian brand Philip Martin's is a real... more

The Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment from the Italian brand Philip Martin's is a real all-rounder. As a nourishing and moisturising treatment, it helps to bring the hair and scalp into absolute balance in the face of countless problems. This care, which is applied before the shampoo, helps for example with sensitive, irritated or itchy scalp. But this organic hair care product also helps just as effectively with hair loss. It also has a super calming and caring effect on people who wear extensions, change their hair colour often, and chemically straighten or treat their hair. The natural ingredients also help with skin problems and sensitive skin. Pamper the scalp, give it time to relax and experience healthy hair.


  • Nourishing all-rounder for countless scalp problems
  • Ideal for extensions and for stressed scalps
  • Soothing treatment with relaxing effect
  • Works even before shampoo
  • natural lineage components
  • Organic and non-toxic
  • Free from SLS, parabens, propylene glycol and PEGs

Hair type
This calming and relaxing treatment is a real all-rounder, which can help to calm and relax the scalp for an incredible number of problems. When applied to the scalp, it counteracts various scalp problems. It helps against hair loss but also for sensitive, irritated or itchy scalps. Scalp Benefit is also the right solution for dandruff. And because the scalp also suffers from treatments such as chemical smoothing or hair extensions, it should be brought back into balance. However, this treatment also helps if the hair is often dyed, because then these chemical substances damage the natural balance. For skin problems such as toxin build-up, irritation and sensitive skin, this Philip Martin's scalp treatment is a must have product.

Are you looking for soothing care for your scalp? Do you want to soothe your scalp, improve blood circulation and bring it back into balance? Do you feel that your scalp needs relaxing and natural care? Has it suffered lately and needs to be rebalanced? Do you wish to have healthy hair again, which also comes from a balanced scalp? Do you want to get rid of dandruff or simply fight against scalp problems that occur? Are you looking for a treatment that works with natural ingredients? Do you not want to burden your skin with more chemical substances and do you want to avoid parabens, sulfates and other additives? Here we have something for you, namely the Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment from Philip Martin's. It is the solution for a scalp that needs immediate help to be healthy and balanced again.

To soothe your scalp and give you a healthy feeling Philip Martin's has chosen to use ingredients of natural origin. In combination with organic, non-toxic substances and the best know-how, your scalp will be pampered and soothed in the gentlest way possible. This ensures the health of your hair and skin.
To provide the scalp with enough moisture to rebalance it, the treatment is enriched with high quality Shea Butter. In combination with chamomile it calms and relaxes the scalp. This biological ingredient takes care of the healthy balance of the scalp. A plant called burdock helps to calm and soothe the skin so that it no longer itches and is relaxed again. Finally, horsetail acts as a restorative ingredient so that the hair can grow back full of power.

For best results, apply a small amount of Scalp Benefit Conditioning Treatment to your cleansed scalp. Leave it there for 1/15 minutes and rinse well afterwards.

It is ideal as preparation before using a shampoo. But even with chemical treatments and colorations it cares intensively for your scalp and its health. 

Brands: Philip Martin's
Product line: Philip Martin's Hair Care
Product type: Treatment
Requirements: Calming, moisture, Relaxation
Ingredients: free from artificial colourings, free from artificial fragrances, not tested on animals, organic, paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, vegan
Scalp: dry, greasy, sensitive
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