Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate – 75ml


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  • biologisch
  • Cruelty-Free
  • mild
  • not tested on animals
  • organic
Pramāsana Protective Scalp Concentrate – 75ml
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Aveda - Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate - 75ml Aveda's Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp... more

Aveda - Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate - 75ml

Aveda's Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate helps you to achieve a healthier and cleaner scalp. This effective concentrate helps to regulate sebum production on the scalp. Overproduction of sebum glands promotes unpleasant dandruff and itching. This leave-in concentrate penetrates through the upper layers of the scalp and provides the various levels with important nutrients to maintain the natural protective layer while protecting the scalp from harmful influences and (environmental) pollution. Create the basis for stunning hair with the Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp!


  • regulates sebum production
  • soothes the scalp
  • prevents itching
  • counteracts dandruff
  • protects against harmful environmental influences
  • cares and nourishes the scalp
  • healthy scalp
  • preserving the natural protective layer
  • valuable ingredients
  • Algae extract
  • Lactobacillus
  • Tamanut oil
  • Without animal testing
  • sustainably produced
  • brand's own pure-fume aroma
  • refreshing fragrance

Hair type

The Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate is suitable for anyone who has a little trouble with their scalp and wishes to have a nourishing and effective care.


Do you suffer from increased dandruff and annoying itching? Does your scalp still not feel clean and uncomfortable after washing your hair? Does your hair quickly become greasy again at the roots after washing? Then try the Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate from Aveda! A small but effective helper for a healthy and fresh scalp.


The Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate consists of valuable and naturally derived ingredients that gently but effectively cleanse your skin. The contained algae extract helps to regulate and balance the scalp's sebum production. Lactobacillus helps to maintain the natural protective layer on the scalp. Tamanu nut oil is a sought-after antioxidant that ensures that your scalp is protected from harmful environmental influences and dirt.

As a result, you have a clean and healthy scalp that is protected from future damage. You get an incredible feeling of freshness. Your scalp is free of sebum, which promotes healthy hair growth and prevents the hairline from becoming greasy quickly. 


The Pramāsana™ Protective Scalp Concentrate is a leave-in care product for daily use.
After shampooing, divide the still damp hair from the front to the back hairline into about 5 or more sections as desired (until the entire scalp is covered). Then apply the concentrate to the parting line so that the pipette touches the scalp during application. Then gently massage the concentrate into the scalp and do not rinse.
Note: Use the product only on clean scalp.


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Brands: Aveda
Product type: Treatment
Requirements: Anti-dandruff, Calming, Cooling, moisture, Refreshment, Regeneration, shine, texture, structure, UV protection
Hair type: alle Haartypen, damaged hair, dandruff-prone hair, dry hair, fine hair, greasy hair, normal hair
Ingredients: biologisch, Cruelty-Free, mild, not tested on animals, organic
Scalp: dry, greasy, sensitive
Fragrance: fresh
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