Prime Time Chamomile Styling Foundation (250 ml)

Bain de Terre

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  • Argan oil
  • organic
  • paraben free
Bain de Terre Prime Time Chamomile Styling Foundation
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  • Basic price: CHF4.00 / 100 ml
  • Contents: 250 ml
  • Item number: SW16344

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Primers for make-up are part of the basic equipment of every person who uses make-up. This... more

Primers for make-up are part of the basic equipment of every person who uses make-up. This provides the skin with a better hold for the make-up on top and cares for and soothes the skin underneath. Most people are not aware that there are also foundations for the hair. Here it serves mainly as protection against heat damage from blow-drying or external environmental influences. Often we are not aware of the damage and strain that blow-drying does to our hair. Bain de Terre has recognized this and offers you the ideal product to counteract this and at the same time style, care and improve the beauty of your hair with the Prime Time Chamomile Styling Foundation. Optimally suited for all hair types.


  • Untangles your hair and emphasizes every single hair fiber
  • Consists of pure plant extracts
  • Protects your hair reliably against heat damage
  • Gives your mane fresh and shiny vitality

The cause of brittle, lifeless and unattractive hair is often due to a combination of various factors. However, daily blow-drying makes a large negative contribution. Practical it is without doubt, because it saves us a lot of time. But we also have to live with the consequences. But now, Bain de Terre offers you a reliable solution with Prime Time Chamomile Styling Foundation to give your hair back the shine and health you deserve. The wonderful combination of Argan and Monoi oils with the addition of healing Chamomile extracts rebuilds your hair from the ground up and strengthens it for future challenges. This not only greatly reduces brittleness. Each strand is additionally nourished, revitalized and protected. Your hair will thank you for it.

Free your hair from styling residues before styling with a short wash. Use a suitable shampoo and a conditioner from Bain de Terre. These are also available in our range. Afterwards you can dry your hair with a bath towel and start styling right away. Now bring your hairstyle into your desired form and enjoy your newly gained freshness and vitality.

Does your hair urgently need an all-round cure, so that it can finally shine again in fresh shine? Do you suffer from a brittle, stressed and brittle mane? Does it lack essential moisture, as it is completely dried out by heat and other strains? Do you attach importance to the fact that only natural and compatible products find their way to your skin or hair? Then Prime Time Chamomile Styling Foundation from Bain de Terre can definitely help you. Let yourself be inspired.

For further information
As already mentioned, blow dryers can cause serious damage to hair and its roots. To get around this, there are some small tips and tricks. Apart from choosing a good and suitable blow dryer, as well as the daily care for your hair, the blow dryer technique is especially important. Starting with the blow-dryer temperature: A pleasant warmth is fine, but as soon as the scalp feels hot, you should better switch back a step. Furthermore you should always keep a distance of about 20 cm to your hair and keep the hair dryer in constant movement. This will help you distribute the heat better. Otherwise you fix the heat only on one point. This can lead to permanent damage to your hair roots. Also, never blow-dry from the top down and avoid brushing your hair from root to tip. This will cause your hair to lie flat on your head and lose volume.

Brands: Bain de Terre
Product line: Botaniceuticals
Product type: styling cream
Requirements: colour protection, hold, moisture, Regeneration, shine, Smoothness, UV protection
Hold: medium hold
Ingredients: Argan oil, organic, paraben free
Fragrance: spicy
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