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Inforcer Shampoo
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This shampoo appeared in May 2017 in the line Série Expert Inforcer. It is specially formulated... more

This shampoo appeared in May 2017 in the line Série Expert Inforcer. It is specially formulated for extremely damaged and brittle hair and prevents hair breakage. After using this shampoo, your hair smells like after a visit to the hairdresser.


  • Cleansing action
  • Strengthening of the hair fibre
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Stimulation of the hair root
  • With vitamin B6 and biotin

Hair type
The Shampoo Inforcer is particularly suitable for severely damaged or thinning hair. It not only has a cleansing effect, but also strengthens the hair structure.

You probably know it too. You brush your hair once to remove the unwanted knots. But instead you also tear off half of the hair. The brush is then full of broken hairs and you have the feeling that there are only half as many hairs on your head as before. The solution to this problem can be seen on the screen right in front of you. The Shampoo Inforcer works against hair breakage. Vitamin B6 and biotin ensure, among other things, faster hair growth and stimulation of the hair root.

The whole Série Expert Inforcer range consists of at least two vitamins, B6 and B8. These are responsible for stimulating hair growth and the roots. The hair structure becomes stronger and is no longer as susceptible to hair breakage as it was before the treatment.

The shampoo is the first product you use when washing your hair. It is responsible for removing all the dirt that gets caught in your hair in everyday life and can cause unpleasant odours. It is especially important that you clean your scalp well. So massage the shampoo against your scalp for at least a minute so that everything is rinsed away and it smells pleasantly fine again afterwards. You should not necessarily spread the shampoo in the lengths and tips, as this can have a drying effect. It is sufficient if the shampoo flows through the lengths when washing out. Most of the dirt and talc is at the roots. Make sure you get rid of all the foam when you wash it out.

After washing your hair you can either finish your hair care or use the Conditioner Inforcer, which gives your hair a fine feeling and provides it with a lot of moisture. It is best to give your hair some vitamins after removing the dirt. 


Brands: L'Oréal
Product type: shampoo
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