Purity Purifying Hair Cleanser – 250ml

Revlon Professional

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Purity Purifying hair Cleanser – 250ml
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  • Contents: 250 ml
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Purity Purifying Hair Cleanser Eksperience Revlon 's Purity Purifying hair Cleanser is a... more

Purity Purifying Hair Cleanser

Eksperience Revlon's Purity Purifying hair Cleanser is a rich shampoo specifically designed for flaky scalps. It gently cleanses the scalp while still providing enough moisture to keep the lengths and tips and scalp healthy and nourished. Dandruff can be very persistent and unpleasant and can also cause additional itching. Especially in the cold seasons one suffers extremely from such side effects on the skin. With this Cleanser you will get rid of any dandruff and prevent future dandruff from forming. Your skin is gently cleaned and at the same time adorned with a softness. Your lengths and ends are thoroughly nourished as this shampoo contains important ingredients that protect your hair from the roots to the ends. The split ends and your dryness is minimized and your dandruff is gently removed. The pleasant smell of this product provides additional relaxation during use. Pamper yourself and your hair with this product and get a unique experience for your senses. The incredible smell of this shampoo enchants your olfactory senses and leads to a unique experience for your hair and scalp.


  • Prevents dandruff formation
  • Removes dandruff
  • Suppleness
  • Gloss
  • Humidity
  • Silky hair shaft
  • Structure
  • Alleviates itching
  • Minimizes redness
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Rich ingredients

Hair type

This shampoo is suitable for all hair types that suffer from itching and redness caused by dandruff. This cleanser cleans your scalp in a very gentle but intensive way, removing unwanted dandruff from your scalp. This shampoo also helps to moisturize your dry lengths and ends and rebuilds your hair from the base. Your hair roots are strengthened, your skin is nourished with important substances and your strands are provided with the necessary ingredients.


You can apply an appropriate amount of this shampoo to your hair and massage it in thoroughly to loosen all dandruff. If necessary, you can also repeat this process a second time so that no residue is left behind. Then rinse out the product again and apply a rich and moisturizing treatment to your lengths and ends. You can use this routine daily and you will see and feel a noticeable new and targeted result after the first or second application. Good care after shampooing will give you the final touch to ensure that your hair is supplied with all the important nutrients and you can enjoy every day carefree and without any irritation of the scalp.


Have you been suffering for a long time from undesired dandruff which can lead to itching and redness? Could your conventional products not help until now or have they made your scalp suffer even more? Don't you know which products you can and must use without worsening your dandruff? This product will give you a new and carefree scalp. It soothes any itching and redness that can be caused by dandruff from dead skin cells. These are gently cleansed and removed with this wonderful and gentle shampoo. This ensures that you no longer have to suffer from skin irritation and you feel a free feeling on your scalp again.


You can use this Purity Purifying Hair Cleanser every day without putting additional strain on your hair or scalp. You can leave the shampoo on your hair for 2-3 minutes during the lathering process to thoroughly remove any unwanted residue. You can also combine this product with our other products from Eksperience. This will give you a pleasant and newly structured hair appearance. All products are very gentle on the scalp and hair. Spoil yourself with these incredible lines from Eksperience and suggest it to other people.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Calming, moisture, shine, Smoothness
Hair type: damaged hair, dandruff-prone hair, dry hair, stubborn hair
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