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Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo
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Throughout the day the hair is often exposed to a lot of stress and external harmful... more

Throughout the day the hair is often exposed to a lot of stress and external harmful environmental influences: The sun and its UV rays damage the hair structure, styling and brushing stress the hair and chemical treatments change the structure. Therefore it is important to be able to give your hair a regeneration that constantly takes care of your hair. That is why Sebastian has developed Penetraitt Shampoo, which is pure spa for your hair. This active-regenerating hair care system penetrates the hair all the way to the inside. Its valuable ingredients give you concentrated power and pure regeneration for your damaged and stressed hair. Your hair can build up throughout the entire shampooing process and regain its silky soft shine. Chemically treated and coloured hair in particular can benefit particularly well from this nourishing conditioner. Get involved in this wellness experience, let yourself be pampered and enjoy a super-strengthened, silky soft style.


  • Regenerating cleansing for damaged hair
  • Strengthening effect
  • Revitalization for damaged hair
  • For a silky soft suppleness
  • Especially for chemically treated and damaged hair
  • For silky, airy and naturally soft hair
  • Protects the hair colour
  • Pleasant fragrance

Hair type
Especially stressed and damaged hair benefits from this cleansing care. Above all, the Penetraitt Shampoo pampers chemically treated and coloured hair particularly intensively.  However, regeneration and nourishing care does absolutely no harm to any hair type! Fine hair is not stressed with this shampoo and shines beautifully airy and silky soft. This shampoo often needs a regenerating care. In addition, the shampoo preserves the hair colour, so that you can enjoy a smooth, soft and radiant hair colour for as long as possible. Even dry and dull hair can shine beautifully healthy again.

Do you often stress your hair with chemical treatments and colorations? Does your hair long for more care and moisture? Are they strained, have they lost their natural shine and look strawy and damaged? The Penetraitt Shampoo from Sebastian can help you there! This shampoo knows exactly what you are missing. Because if your hair is damaged, it's important to pamper it with moisture and care throughout, so it can regenerate itself. This cleansing gives your hair power in the form of a shampoo so that it can shine and shine naturally again. It also protects your hair from other harmful environmental influences. It lets you go through everyday life without stress, so that damage has no chance at all. And it also preserves your hair colour so that it lasts longer and has a wonderfully natural shine. Your hair will love this pampering shampoo, because for them it is pure relaxation.

Massage this shampoo into wet hair to activate the gentle lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. To fully benefit from the regenerating care, use Penetraitt Conditioner in addition.

For particularly dry, over-stressed hair, more than just a shampoo is often necessary. That's why Sebastian has developed a penetraitt mask that intensively nourishes and regenerates over-treated hair. This professional, deep penetrating Penetraitt Mask is the optimal complement to Penetraitt Shampoo.


Brands: Sebastian
Product line: Foundation, Penetraitt
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Cleansing, colour protection, moisture, Regeneration, Relaxation, Smoothness
Hair type: Chemically treated hair, coloured, dyed hair, damaged hair, damaged hair, dry hair
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28 Sep 2017

Nach langem ausprobieren wieder einmal ein super Shampoo gefunden!! Kein Stroh mehr auf dem Kopf.

Dieses ist das erste Shampoo, welches meine Haare auch wenn ich Sie lufttrocknen lasse, nicht strohig aussehen lässt!!! Dies hat bis jetzt noch keines geschafft (Ich verwende es mit dem dazugehörigen Conditioner und so ca. 1 - 2 Mal pro Woche der Maske)

15 Jan 2015

Super Shampoo

Glänzendes und gepflegtes langes Haar. Duftet angenehm.
Hat aus trockenem und stumpfem Haar wieder gesundes gezaubert in
Kombination mit der Maske Hydra von Sebastian.

16 Nov 2014


Tolles shampoo, sehr empfehlenswert.

7 Nov 2014


Super Produkt, pflegt meine feinen, langen Haare, ohne zu belasten und Volumen (das leider generell wenig vorhanden ist) zu nehmen. Obwohl meine Haare weder chemisch behandelt noch gefärbt/ getönt sind, schätzen sie das Shampoo, den Conditioner und die Maske Penetraitt sehr.

5 Aug 2014

Penetraitt Shampoo

Gut gereinigtes, luftiges, weiches und gepflegtes Haar. Super für meine gefärbten und gesträhntes, am Ansatz fettiges, Haar!

4 Dec 2013


Tolles shampoo! Haare fühlen sich sauber an, nicht mehr trocken u riechen gut.

30 Apr 2013

Sehr zufrieden!

24 Jan 2013

Sehr gut

Haar sind nicht mehr so trocken.

6 Nov 2012

shampo sebastiyan

ich finde es super meine hare nehmen vorm und sind schön weich ung gesund

12 Sep 2012

sehr gut

Reinigt das Haar gründlich, macht es weich ohne Volumen zu nehmen und der Duft ist toll! Das Haar riecht noch lange frisch. Habe schon viele Produkte ausprobiert, dieses ist das Beste seit langem.

3 Aug 2011

Tolles Produkt!

Meine strapazierten Haare vom Färben und bleichen sind von Woche zu Woche in einem besseren Zustand, glänzen und sind seideweich!

30 Apr 2011

sehr gut

8 Apr 2011

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