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Shampoo Brazilnut Oil
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Discover the best kept secret of the Amazon - Brazilian nut oil. The hair care series Oil... more

Discover the best kept secret of the Amazon - Brazilian nut oil. The hair care series Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil is the first professional hair care with precious Brazilian nut oil that gives the hair moisture and shine. Best of all, the hair care is suitable for all hair types and even coloured hair. The ingredients of Brazilnut Shampoo have a special caring and protecting effect on the hair. But that is not all. The shampoo is enriched with wonderful fragrances that make you feel relaxed during application and offer an incomparable fragrance experience. The Brazilian nut oil wraps itself around your hair and closes any gaps in your hair. The light oil film is especially protective and gives your hair an incomparable shine. In addition, it protects against harmful UV radiation and makes the hair especially smooth. Turn hair care into a breathtaking sensory experience and enjoy soft and smooth hair with BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Shampoo. What are you waiting for?


  • suitable for all hair types
  • moisturizes
  • rich in Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids
  • gives the hair an incredible shine
  • with precious brazilian nut oil
  • stunning fragrance
  • ideal for a relaxed hair wash
  • with UV protection
  • also for coloured hair

Take a sufficient amount of BC OIl Mircale Brazilnut Oil Shampoo and apply it to wet hair. The great scent will immediately relax you and calm your mind. Now massage the shampoo evenly on the scalp until it foams. The fine micro-foam cleanses your scalp and hairline and spreads over the entire hair. Leave the shampoo on for between one and two minutes. The oil of the brazil nut can now be absorbed deep into the hair and moisturize it. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and use the Bazilnut Oil Pulp Treatment. 

Hair type
The Brazilnut Oil Shampoo is a real all-rounder. The shampoo can be used for normal, dry and coloured hair. Thanks to the rich oil of the Brazilian nut, it cares for every hair and provides shine. 

A main ingredient of the shampoo is the Brazilian nut oil. Until now it has hardly been used for cosmetic purposes and that although the effect is incredible. The oil is odoriferous and light at the same time. This means that it can care for and moisturize any type of hair. It provides opulent shine and soft hair at the same time. The Brazilian nut oil is rich in Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids. These are ideal for hair care as they repair the hair and protect it from oxidative stress. It fills porous gaps in the hair and even makes rough hair soft again. But that is not all. Because the miracle oil can do much more. The high content of selenium and vitamin E acts like an anti-aging serum for the hair. This protects the hair from oxidative stress and keeps it young. UV filters are another component of the Oil Mircale Brazilnut Shampoo. These protect the hair from harmful sunlight and thus from hair breakage. The latest Micro-Encapsulated Fragrance Technology takes you on a sensory journey into the world of wonderful fragrances. The soothing fragrance of the shampoo immediately relaxes the mind and makes hair care an incredible experience. Thanks to the new technology, the fragrance of Brazilnut Shampoo lasts for hours after shampooing. 

Looking for a shampoo that moisturizes? You want a hair care product with Brazilian nut oil? You are looking for a shampoo for every hair type? You want a hair care product that moisturizes your hair? You want the ultimate fragrance experience when shampooing? Then BC Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Shampoo is the ideal product for you. 

You have particularly dry hair? No problem. With the light BC Miracle Oil Talent 10 you can add moisture to your hair at any time. Spray the spray regularly into your hair and experience a wonderful fragrance experience that makes your hair soft and smooth at the same time. 



Brands: Schwarzkopf
Product line: BC Oil Miracle
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Cleansing, moisture
Hair type: coloured, dyed hair, normal hair
Fragrance: luxurious
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14 Jun 2017

Feiner Duft!

Das Shampoo macht die Haare sehr sehr weich und riecht mega gut! :)

20 Jan 2017

mega shampoo

mega gutes shampoo. Es macht die haare angenehm weich und duftet dabei super! ab jetzt gehört es zu meinen absoluten lieblings shampoos.

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