Scalp Comfort Dermo Calm Lotion - 12 x 7ml

Revlon Professional

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Scalp Comfort Dermo Calm Lotion - 12 x 7ml
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Scalp Comfort Dermo Calm Lotion 12 x 7ml This wonderful Dermo Calm Lotion from Eksperience... more

Scalp Comfort Dermo Calm Lotion 12 x 7ml

This wonderful Dermo Calm Lotion from Eksperience Revlon, contains intensive ampoules that you can use for sensitive and dry scalp. The lotion soothes stressed and dry skin, as well as irritating and itchy side effects. This product is enriched with valuable ingredients that nourish your scalp with essential nutrients. The lotion contains Aquamaris Complex, which is derived from sea spring water. Extracts of greenery, seaweed, brown algae, hydrolyzed Akti, minerals and trace elements give you a unique and noticeably unstressed scalp and structure of your hair. The content silicon derivative contributes to the prevention of additional signs of aging. Your dry and sensitive skin needs intensive and rich care to prevent additional unpleasant influences. This product from Scalp Comfort Eksperience provides your scalp and hair with all the ingredients it needs to restore a pleasant structure. The enchanting lotion also has a wonderful fragrance that will accompany you all day long. The relaxing aroma not only makes your hair and scalp smell good, but when applied it also relaxes your senses at the same time, and relaxes your whole body while inhaling the product. Pamper yourself with this rich lotion and pamper your skin, hair and body all at once.


  • Comprehensive
  • Gentle
  • Moisture
  • Suppleness
  • Relaxation
  • Reduces itching
  • Alleviates redness
  • Protects against external influences
  • Quick effect
  • Rich ingredients

Hair type

This Dermo Calm Lotion for your scalp is suitable for dry and tense scalps that suffer from itching and redness. It soothes your dryness with sufficient moisture, without stressing or over-care for your skin. Your itching is minimized and your redness will disappear with this incredible lotion. This product provides your scalp and hair with the necessary care and minimizes any stress. It also takes care of your dry lengths and ends, giving you a radiant and silky shine and instant suppleness.


After you have washed your hair thoroughly, you can towel it well and then apply the lotion to the roots. It is best to apply the product 1-2 times a week for 6 weeks to achieve a noticeable result. When washing your hair you can use the Scalp Comfort Dermo Calm Hair Cleanser to achieve an ideal result. The shampoo cleans your hair as well as your scalp and is therefore a perfect preparation for the application of Dermo Calm Lotion. With this combination of the two products you will be able to achieve a perfect and unrecognizable result.


Do you have extremely dry scalp and suffer from daily itching, redness and daily forming dandruff? Have you not yet found a good product that can relieve these problems? The Scalp Comfort line of Eksperience Revlon will help you prevent these problems on a daily basis. The combination of products will relieve all your problems and provide a simple, yet unique result. Your itching will disappear, redness will be reduced and your extra dandruff will automatically disappear.


This lotion can be used wonderfully with the Dermo Calm Shampoo combine and leave a new and silky texture of your hair structure. You can apply this rich lotion parting way and give yourself a light head massage. With this process you stimulate your blood circulation and thus support the positive process of your care on the scalp. Your hair follicles are thus supported and strengthened from within. If you carry out this process 1 to 2 times per week, you will achieve an even more intensive result. Try it now and be inspired by this Scalp Comfort line from Revlon's Eksperience and pamper your hair and scalp. With this intensive care, you'll see visible results after just a few applications.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: serum, Treatment
Requirements: Calming, moisture, Refreshment, Relaxation, shine, Smoothness
Hair type: dandruff-prone hair, dry hair, fine hair, stubborn hair
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