Secrets of Argania Reines Bio-Arganöl

Ionia Azuré

P for Points
  • alcohol-free
  • Argan oil
  • biologisch
  • free from artificial colourings
  • free from artificial fragrances
  • organic
  • paraben free
  • silicone free
  • sulphate free
  • vegan
Secrets of Argania Reines Bio-Arganöl
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100% organic argan oil - for skin and hairSecrets of Argania from Ionia Azuré is a... more

100% organic argan oil - for skin and hairSecrets

of Argania from Ionia Azuré

is a 100% pure argan oil. This Swiss luxury brand brings with the 100% pure Argan oil a high quality and very affordable oil on the market, which can be used for many different things. Obtained from the unique Moroccan argan nuts of outstanding quality, this argan oil can be used for the face, hands, body and hair. It has incredible properties for all parts of the body. Among other things, it intensively moisturizes, acts against skin aging and reconstructs the natural hair structure. 


  • 100% pure argan oil
  • Obtained from Moroccan argan nuts
  • From controlled organic cultivation
  • Without perfumes
  • Made in Morocco
  • For face, hair, body and hands
  • With vitamin E
  • Protects hair and skin
  • Strengthens the hair

Skin type/ Hair type
Argan oil helps to moisturize the skin and hair and gives them the necessary care. If you have dry hair ends, argan oil is highly recommended. If you have dry and stressed skin, the oil helps to regenerate the skin. Argan oil can also alleviate sunburn. Impure skin can also be reduced thanks to argan oil. Argan oil also contains a high amount of vitamin E, which has a natural anti-aging effect.

Argan oil can be used for all kinds of things and is highly recommended for the skin on the face, hands and the rest of the body, as well as the hair. Do you have dry or impure skin, and would you like to experience the many benefits of Argan oil? Are your hair dry, split and brittle? Would you like to moisturize and condition your body and hair?
For skin care: The very light texture of Argan Oil Secrets of Argania from Ionia Azuré is quickly absorbed by the skin. The fatty acids contained in the argan oil provide intensive moisturising care and make the skin incredibly silky and smooth. In addition, the lipids support the upper layer of the skin - they strengthen and seal it, which can also reduce dandruff on the scalp and soothe itching.
The contained vitamin E counteracts the skin's aging process, prevents skin damage caused by free radicals and supports skin renewal. In addition, a sebum-regulating effect of argan oil has been proven. Argan oil is therefore ideally suited for the care of oily skin.
For hair care: Argan oil is also quickly absorbed by the hair, as it can care for the hair from the tip to the hair follicles. Applied to the scalp it nourishes and vitalizes the hair follicles. In the tips it prevents split ends and nourishes the dry ends. In addition, the argan oil improves the hair structure for better elasticity. It also reduces hair breakage by ensuring healthy hair. The high-quality ingredients of the oil care for the hair surface and thus ensure a healthy shine and a great look. It also protects the hair from heat or discoloration. 

Argan oil can be applied to the skin at any time. On the face, however, it is recommended to apply it in the evening before going to bed. Over night the nutrients and care substances can then be optimally absorbed by the skin. Do you have dry and stressed  skin? Moisten the body area very lightly with water. Then massage the argan oil onto the dry skin until it is absorbed. On dry lips, massage the argan oil with your finger throughout the day.
For dry tips, it is recommended to apply a few drops of the oil to the still wet or dry hair. This will give them a healthy shine. To care for the scalp, the oil can be distributed before washing the hair and massaged with the fingertips in circular movements. In this way you also stimulate the blood circulation. 

Discover the entire line of Ionia Azuré. This brand produces unique skin serums, which are made of Swiss ingredients and have an exceptionally high effectiveness. There is a serum for every skin type. 

Brands: Ionia Azuré
Product type: Body oil, Face oil
Requirements: Anti-Aging, moisture
Hair type: damaged hair, damaged hair, dandruff-prone hair, dry hair
Skin type: combination skin, dry skin, mature skin, normal skin, sensitive skin
Ingredients: alcohol-free, Argan oil, biologisch, free from artificial colourings, free from artificial fragrances, organic, paraben free, silicone free, sulphate free, vegan
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