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Maske Nutrifier Loreal
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The Nutrifier hair mask from the Expert range by L'Oréal is ideal for normal to dry hair. The... more

The Nutrifier hair mask from the Expert range by L'Oréal is ideal for normal to dry hair. The intensive hair mask provides the hair with an enormous amount of moisture and cares for it in depth. Even severely damaged hair is regenerated. And not only that, the Nutrifier Mask makes the hair soft and smooth. After just one application you can feel the difference. Due to the moisture that the silicone-free mask provides, the hair becomes wonderfully soft and supple. In addition, they receive a great natural shine. The glycerine contained in the mask rebuilds damaged hair structures and fills gaps in the cuticle layer. This prevents hair breakage and the hair regains its natural elasticity. The hair can then easily withstand heat styling stresses such as straightening or blow-drying. With already heavily damaged and very dry hair, the intensive hair mask should be used more often. Use the mask after every hair wash and at least twice a week. After a few weeks the condition of the hair will have improved significantly. To create the ideal care experience for your hair, use Nutrifier Shampoo before the Nutrifier Hair Mask. 


  • free from silicone
  • short exposure time 3 - 5 minutes
  • Provides enormous moisture
  • with precious coconut oil
  • with glycerine to strengthen and build up the hair
  • gives the hair more shine
  • makes the hair combable
  • protects against hair breakage

Use the Nutrifier Hair Mask after applying the Nutrifier Shampoo. Apply a small amount to the hair and distribute the mask evenly. Make sure that you also apply the mask to the tips and lengths of the hair, because these parts of the hair need moisture most. Leave the hair mask on for 3 to 5 minutes. The longer the mask is applied, the better the result. Rinse the hair mask thoroughly after the application time. When there are no residues left, you can dry your hair as usual. 

Hair type
The Nutrifier Hair Mask is suitable for dry and normal hair as well as for very dry hair. It moisturizes and rebuilds thanks to the glycerine.

Problem definition
You have dull hair? Your hair should have more shine? You want softer, smoother hair? Your hair needs moisture? You are looking for a hair mask that only works for a short time? You want your hair to become soft? You want a silicone-free hair mask? Then the Nutrifier range from L'Oréal Expert is the perfect hair care product for you.

The special formula of the LOreal Nutrifier mask contains many valuable ingredients that care for and build up your hair. One of the ingredients is glycerine. The glycerine builds up damaged areas in the hair and increases the hair's elasticity. This protects them from hair breakage and gives them more bounce. The hair appears more lively. The coconut oil contained in the hair mask gives the hair moisture and shine. The oil wraps itself around the hair like a protective shield and protects it from harmful external influences. 


Brands: L'Oréal
Product line: Nutrifier
Requirements: Regeneration
Hair type: damaged hair, dry hair, normal hair
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