NY Streets Freedom of Style Conditioner (240ml)

New York Streets

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  • sulphate free
NY Streets Freedom of Style Conditioner (240ml)
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  • Contents: 240 ml
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NY Streets Freedom of Style Conditioner (240ml) New York Streets Freedom of Style... more

NY Streets Freedom of Style Conditioner (240ml)

New York Streets Freedom of Style Conditioner gives your hair silky softness, shine, protection, moisture and strength. This conditioner is the perfect hair care for all hair types, for every person who wants to wash and care their hair without sulphates and parabens. For dry and damaged hair this conditioner has a particularly good repair effect. Your hair colour will stay the same while your hair gets an intensive treatment to protect it from heat. Therefore nothing stands in the way of your subsequent styling. The Polyfix Complex works optimally against split ends.


  • provides your hair with moisture, strength, shine and suppleness
  • protects your hair colour and from heat
  • rebuilds dry and damaged hair
  • does not contain parabens and sulphates
  • Anti-splintering properties

This conditioner contains hydrolyzing silk, soy proteins, wheat amino acids and panthenol. These elements make your hair shiny, strong, silky, protect your hair color, work gently when applying heat and repair damaged and stressed hair.   

Hair type
This conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Especially for women who want to rebuild their damaged, exhausted and stressed hair. Very gentle for hair and scalp, because it is free of parabens and sulfates.  

After shampooing with the appropriate New York Streets shampoo, it is best to dry excess moisture. Massage the conditioner from the roots to the ends. Leave on for 60 seconds and then rinse thoroughly. 

Your hair develops into a powerful lion's mane, gets an improved hair structure and shines shiny and beautiful. 




Brands: New York Streets
Requirements: moisture, Smoothness
Hair type: damaged hair, damaged hair, split ends
Ingredients: sulphate free
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