Intense Hydrate Conditioner (750ml)


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  • paraben free
  • sulphate free
  • vegan
Intense Hydrate Conditioner (750ml)

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  • Contents: 750 ml
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REF 's Intense Hydrate Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner that intensively pampers dry... more

REF's Intense Hydrate Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner that intensively pampers dry and weakened hair. With its vegan ingredients, it is optimally equipped to quickly and efficiently moisturize, shine and smooth hair. From the inside out, it strengthens the hair after every shampoo while making it easier to comb. Benefit from the vegan, sulfate- and paraben-free formula and let the herbal ingredients spread their effects.


  • Moisturizing Conditioner
  • For dry and weakened hair
  • Completely vegan
  • Free from parabens and sulfates
  • Provides moisture, shine and suppleness
  • Facilitates the combability
  • Colour retention system
  • With quinoa, bergamot and coconut

Hair Type
REF's Intense Hydrate Conditioner is specially formulated to moisturize your dry and weakened hair. This will give you more strength, shine and smoothness after each application.

Moisture is a real treasure for the hair. Therefore, this conditioner helps you to pamper your dry hair with intensive moisture supply. Do your hair also feel weakened and do you want to give it more power? The conditioner is exactly that. Thanks to the newly gained moisture, your hair benefits from the strength and suppleness. Do you want to let your hair shine? The ingredients give your hair more shine, which automatically makes it look healthier. Is your hair often tangled after showering and difficult to comb? This conditioner helps, because it improves combability immediately. Do you also pay close attention to the ingredients of your care products? The Intense Hydrate Conditioner promises you healthy results, because: It's completely vegan, contains no parabens, no sulfates, no animal testing. 

In order to guarantee you the best results, this REF moisturizer has been blended with unique ingredients. For the first time, it is completely vegan and does not contain parabens or sulphates. Instead, ingredients such as quinoa, coconut and bergamot provide the nourishing effects of this product.

  • Bergamot oil: The organic and rich citrus oil is extracted from the bergamot tree. It is responsible for giving your hair a luxurious and weightless shine. It also helps to tame flying hair. Last but not least, it stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and thus promotes hair growth. 
  • Coconut oil: This organic oil pampers the hair with a lot of moisture and a silky shine. It also prevents the loss of proteins in healthy and damaged hair. This oil moisturizes the innermost part of the hair, where it can easily penetrate thanks to its low molecular weight.
  • Quinoa proteins: These natural proteins build up the hair from the inside and strengthen it thanks to its high protein content. They also regenerate, protect, nourish and shine the hair. In this way the natural beauty of the hair is preserved.

After washing the hair, distribute the conditioner evenly over damp hair. Leave it there for about 1 to 3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and completely out of your hair and experience the new hair feeling.

Give your hair more moisture and shine already during washing. REF's Intense Hydrate Shampoo is ideal for this. 

Brands: REF
Product line: Intense Hydrate
Product type: conditioner
Requirements: Combing, moisture, Smoothness
Hair type: dry hair, normal hair
Ingredients: paraben free, sulphate free, vegan
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