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Are you looking for voluminous, sensuous lips? We present: Wunderkiss  Lip Plumping Gloss... more

Are you looking for voluminous, sensuous lips? We present: Wunderkiss Lip Plumping Gloss from Wunder2! Regulate the intensity and strength of the results yourself. These are almost as convincing as those of the beauty doctor - only here completely without needles and pain. For the Kylie lips (or even the more natural look), you can inject the lip booster into the lip gloss. There are three intensity levels: low, medium or high. Apply lip gloss and your lips will be naturally enlarged for up to several hours!


  • Fuller lips with only one lip gloss
  • No needles, no doctor, no pain
  • Self-adjustable intensity
  • With 3 intensity levels
  • Can also be used under lipstick
  • With dermaporting technology.
  • With highly concentrated vitamin B3
  • With collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Works within 2 minutes
  • Results last for several hours

This lip booster can produce ultimate results for any person who wants fuller, more voluminous and smoother lips. Have you thought about having your lips enlarged? Then this is the affordable and painless version of the painful version at the beauty doctor.

Wunderkiss offers an efficient alternative to painful lip injections. With this system you can enlarge your lips yourself, and that only with the help of a booster and a gloss.
Wunderkiss from Wunder2 consists of a 2-phase system:

Phase 1 Wunderkiss Lip Plumping Gloss: This lip gloss is equipped with the innovative Dermaporting Technology. It ensures full, voluminous and well-groomed lips. The contained collagen and hyaluronic acid provide the desired volume effect on the lips.

Phase 2 Wunderkiss Plumping Booster: The lip booster contains a controlled dose of vitamin B3. This vitamin B3 has the ability to skilfully warm and cool the lips to stimulate blood circulation. This booster is then injected into the tube of the first phase (Gloss). You can regulate the strength of the result

Thanks to Wunderkiss, the result can be self-regulated and you can choose between 3 different intensity levels. And the best thing is that the results are visible after only 2 minutes!
But what is behind Wunderkiss?
The secret of this composition is the unique dermaporting technology, combined with the highly concentrated vitamin B3 and the booster complex.

The dermaporting technology is only found in Wunderkiss. It enables the molecules contained in it to penetrate the skin. Collagen as well as hyaluronic acid, which consists of these molecules, is used. When applying Wunderkiss, the Dermaporting Technology ensures that these molecules penetrate the lip texture and make the lips appear fuller. Once these molecules have penetrated the skin barrier, they release the microfillers, which then visibly increase volume and fullness on the skin surface. Each time the lip gloss (phase 1) is applied, the collagen and hyaluronic acid take effect.

In phase 2, the plumping booster is the vitamin B3 complex. This promotes the blood circulation of the lips. This makes the lips appear fuller and more voluminous within seconds. To increase the general effect, the booster also contains heat and cooling agents which promote the blood circulation of the lips and create the volume effect.


  • Open the Lip Plumping Booster and the lip gloss.
  • Select the desired volume intensity. We always recommend starting with the first level and increasing the intensity slowly after a few applications
    :Intensity 1: When injected, it produces a slight tingling sensation and minimum volume intensity
    2: When injected, it produces a medium tingling sensation and medium volume intensity
    3: When injected, it produces a strong tingling sensation and maximum volume

  • Now put the tip of the dosing aid of the Plumping Booster into the Lip Plumping Gloss. Slowly inject the whole thing. Mix both with the applicator for 20 seconds. If the intensity should be increased, repeat the procedure.
  • Now apply the mixed Wunderkiss Gloss to the lips. You will probably feel a brief tingling sensation - this is how you will notice that the product is taking effect.

Use Wunderkiss either as a lip gloss, or use it with your favourite lipstick. Leave it on for a few minutes and then you can remove the gloss again. Then simply apply your lipstick.

Brands: Wunder2
Product type: Lip gloss
Requirements: volume
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