Wunderextensions Lash Extension & Curl Mascara


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Wunderextensions Lash Extension & Curl Mascara
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Wonder Extensions Lash Extension & Curl Mascara Say goodbye to annoying eyelash curlers and... more

Wonder Extensions Lash Extension & Curl Mascara

Say goodbye to annoying eyelash curlers and eyelash extensions! Because if you use the Wunder2 Lash Extensions Lash Extension & Curl Mascara, you don't need these countless accessories anymore. You have always dreamed of long, curly and voluminous lashes? But you have never been recommended the right mascara or you didn't like the effect and your lashes have neither curl nor elasticity? Then let yourself be amazed by this mascara, because it gives your lashes an incredible and effective curl. In addition, it lasts all day without smearing or flaking. With Maxi-Curl technology, your lashes look smooth, long and yet dramatic. The tapered brush makes it easy to apply and the lashes will never stick or clump together. Thanks to the brush's fibers that prevent clumping, you can apply the mascara several times if you want a more intense effect of volume. The formula is composed of olive oil, extracted wax and a special powder that provides extreme care and hydration to your lashes, while at the same time giving them a long-lasting stability. With this combined formula you have everything you expect from a mascara. Create a seductive look and make your lashes flutter!


  • No smudging or sticking
  • Voluminous eyelashes
  • With a Maxi-Curl technology
  • Durability up to 24h
  • Caring and moisturizing

Eyelash type

Is suitable for every colour and length of eyelashes. The mascara gives a voluminous and deep black look.


With the Maxi-Curl technology the lashes automatically appear longer and smoother. The sharpened brush, causes an easy and targeted application.


After you have applied your make-up evenly and now want to create an unforgettable appearance, you can take out the   Wunder2 Lash Extension & Curl Mascara and turn the lid to the left until the product opens. Now carefully place the brush on your lashes and with a little bit of momentum you can apply the mascara from the base to the tips. This should give you a natural and incredible curl. If you want even more volume, you can apply the product several times if necessary. However, if you like the natural look, just one application is enough to create a dramatic eye lift.


To give your lashes an even more dramatic and irresistible look, you can apply the mascara several times without it sticking or clumping.

Brands: Wunder2
Requirements: volume
Hold: strong hold
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