Heavens Door Repair Shampoo


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Heavens Door Repair Shampoo
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You want heavenly soft hair?  Heavens Door Repair Shampoo is a repairing shampoo. It is... more

You want heavenly soft hair? 

Heavens Door Repair Shampoo is a repairing shampoo. It is especially suitable for damaged hair that needs special care. The nourishing shampoo moisturises and builds up the hair at the same time. Due to the special formula, the hair in need of care is provided with moisture and care. The ingredients build up brittle and damaged areas. This restores the hair's natural resistance. Heavens Door Repair Shampoo cleanses the hair particularly gently. This removes styling residues and dirt. In addition, the shampoo makes the hair soft and smooth. It gives them shine and suppleness. 


  • cleans the hair gently
  • moisturizes
  • provides heavenly soft hair
  • softens the hair
  • repairs brittle areas
  • cleanses the hair gently
  • improves the hair structure
  • with colour protection
  • smells tropical

Heavens Door Repair Shampoo is used on damp hair. Take a small amount and apply the shampoo to the wet hairline. Massage the shampoo into the scalp until it foams. The fine foam now cleanses the hair and scalp. Brittle areas in the hair are repaired by the shampoo. Washing your hair with Heavens Door Repair Shampoo also makes it soft and smooth. To intensify the effect, the shampoo can be left on the hair for about 60 seconds. Once the hair is fragrantly clean, the conditioning shampoo is washed off. If the hair is very damaged, a conditioner or hair mask should be used afterwards.

Hair type
Heavens Door Repair Shampoo is suitable for all damaged hair types. It can be used on chemically treated hair, dyed or brittle normal hair. 

Looking for shampoo for damaged hair? You want your hair to be cared for? You are looking for a shampoo that takes care of your hair? You want to repair your dyed hair? You are looking for a shampoo that moisturizes your hair? You want to repair your hair? You have very dry hair? Then Heavens Door Repair Shampoo is the ideal product for you! 

After cleaning the hair, it often lacks nutrients and moisture. Therefore, after every hair wash, either a conditioner or a hair mask should be applied. Straight damaged hair should be treated with a hair mask at least once a week. 


Brands: Tigi
Product line: Rockaholic
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Cleansing, colour protection, moisture, Regeneration
Hair type: Chemically treated hair, damaged hair, dry hair
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