Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Pink Lilac

Tangle Teezer

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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Pink Lilac

The Salon Elite Tangle Teezer in the colour Pink Lilac is the perfect companion for your daily hair care. The Tangle Teezer not only gives you beautiful hair, it also cares for your hair. This unsurpassed hairbrush is the best solution for every hair!


  • suitable for all hair structures
  • perfect for on the road
  • very handy
  • flawless results

Hair type

The professional brush is ideal for all hair types. The improved bristle system makes the Tangle Teezer unbeatable and unrivalled. The countless brushes that have accumulated in your bathroom will definitely not be needed anymore.


Do you always have to deal with annoying knots in your hair? Are you tired of always having to buy endless hairbrushes, only to find that you have not found an unsurpassable brush for your needs after all? With the Salon Elite Tangle Teezer all these problems belong to the past. Due to the innovative and ergonomic structure of the brush, you will no longer have an irritated scalp. What sounds like a dream for people with disheveled and difficult to comb hair - finally becomes reality!


The Tangle Teezer consists of an ergonomically shaped element. Due to its size, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, it will never fall out of your hand while you are combing. In addition, the brush has a two-stage bristle system with long and short bristles. While the longer bristles dissolve the knots and give your hair a structure, the shorter bristles are responsible for straight hair. Your hair will look healthier and better groomed by itself.


Without special technology and countless styling products you can brush on it. Let yourself be surprised by the unbelievable result that the brush will give you. Never again will you have to pull your hair to loosen stubborn knots.


The Tangle Teezer is also available in a smaller size as Tangle Teezer Compact Styler .


Brands: Tangle Teezer
Product type: brush
Requirements: Combing, Smoothness, texture, structure
Hair type: curly hair, fine hair, normal hair, strong, thick hair, stubborn hair
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