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Pink, cute and small: the Limited Edition Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Pug Love is simply... more

Pink, cute and small: the Limited Edition Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Pug Love is simply perfect! This small but extremely innovative brush is the must-have for daily hair care. In little more than 10 years this professional detangling brush has become an indispensable product for hair professionals and beauty fans. Hollywood stars, models and bloggers brush their hair only with the original Tangle Teezer from Great Britain. The innovative bristle system untangles the hair without damaging it, all knots are loosened and not a single hair is broken. The brush is suitable for all hair types and is also very popular with children. Treat yourself to an everyday, painless combing at last. The Compact Styler line is small and especially designed for travelling, the small but fine brush will accompany you everywhere, it fits in all handbags and luggage. This limited edition with cute pug illustrations is simply irresistible, the little cute dogs will put you in an instant good mood and of course also make your hair silky! Who can resist this dog look?!


  • 100% original
  • limited edition
  • cute pug illustrations
  • Gives natural shine
  • protects the hair from split ends and hair breakage
  • to unknot the hair
  • patented technology
  • flexible bristles of different lengths
  • detangles wet and dry hair
  • with protective cover for the bristles
  • Results within seconds
  • Painless unknotting
  • Also ideal for teasing
  • Ergonomic, handy design
  • Also removes styling residues 
  • Also perfect for children

Hair type
All hair types and conditions benefit from the breakthrough design of this Disentangling Brush. Long and straight hair gets back its natural suppleness and shine. Curly, wavy, frizzy and unruly hair will finally experience painless combing, not being pulled out or broken. The brush loosens all knots and minimizes split ends.

Do you always want to have a small but extreme looking brush with you? Is your hair very difficult to untangle? Do you feel like straight, silky hair? Become part of the Tangle Teezer generation! A thousand people have changed their brushing routine thanks to this innovative hairbrush. The most famous models and the hottest Hollywood actresses swear by this British innovation! Do you want to undo your hair without pain? Would you like less split ends and a shiny mane? The Tangle Teezer has flexible bristles that untangle and straighten the hair without damaging it.  

In 2003 Starcolorist Shaun P. had the idea to develop a professional hairbrush. Within a few months the Tangle Teezer Disentangling Brush had become reality. In the following years the design was further developed and the unique brush spread throughout the industry. In recent years it has become a must-have, everyone wants it and everyone loves the magical results. The Compact Styler is light and small, it can be carried everywhere, whether in your bag or in your luggage when travelling, it is always ready to save your hair. What makes this hairbrush so unique? The flexible bristles are particularly innovative. The long bristles untangle the hair and the short ones straighten it. The brush is made of high-quality plastic and comes with a protective cover for the bristles. Not only dry, but also wet hair is untangled effortlessly and painlessly. This Limited Edition is unbelievably cute, the little pug illustrations will immediately put a smile on your face!

Comb your hair with the Tangle Teezer before and after washing. Always bring your Tangle Teezer and brush your hair to avoid knots and to always have perfect looks. 

The Tangle Teezer can also be used in the shower. After applying a rich hair mask or a fragrant conditioner to damp hair, comb it through with the detangling brush to evenly distribute the product.  

Brands: Tangle Teezer
Product type: brush
Requirements: Combing, shine, Smoothness
Hair type: normal hair
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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Minnie Mouse
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Minnie Mouse
Tangle Teezer 1 Stück
Limited Edition Disentangling Brush
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