Balancing Hair Hydratant (250 ml)

Sans [ceuticals]

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Balancing Hair Hydratant (250 ml)
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A gentle and natural care for hair that is lacking in strength and moisture. Since 2007, Sans... more

A gentle and natural care for hair that is lacking in strength and moisture. Since 2007, Sans [ceuticals] has been producing hair care products that are free of harmful substances and use only natural and sustainable ingredients. The Balancing Hair Hydratant is applied immediately after shampooing and in a few seconds all the active ingredients that gently care for and nourish the hair are activated.


  • Weightless straightening formulation
  • Exposure time: 30 sec.
  • Ideal also for sensitive skin
  • Strengthens hair and moisturizes
  • Natural ingredients: Hexapeptide 11, sugar cane, green tea, vitamin A, beet sugar betaine, fruit extracts
  • Free of sulphates, artificial fragrances, silicones, parabens, colourings, animal experiments, petroleum components
  • Stable, safe and contaminant-free PETG packaging
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in New Zealand

Hair type
All hair types benefit from the beneficial effects of this hair cream. Stressed and weak hair is gently regenerated and even sensitive scalp is gently pampered and cleansed.

Is your hair too dry or too greasy? Does your hair produce too much oil? Does your scalp need a gentle but balancing cleansing? Would you like to have an environmentally friendly, vegan hair cream? Are natural ingredients what your hair needs? Do you like to avoid harmful silicones, parabens and sulfates? The Balancing Hydratant from Sans [ceuticals] is the product for you. Only sustainable and natural ingredients will take care of your hair, after treatment your scalp will be clean, fresh and ready to support hair growth.

All details have been taken into account in the production process to produce purely vegan and natural products. The bottle with pump is made of PETG plastic, which is very robust and easier to recycle. The opaque material also protects the contents from UV light. The groundbreaking formula contains

- Hydroxycarboxylic acids: also called fruit acids, they have a moisturizing effect and can dissolve dead or old skin cells, the freed follicles then promote the growth of thicker and stronger hair. Furthermore, AHA acids also have a PH-regulating effect. They also preserve hair proteins, the building blocks of our hair structure.

- Green tea extract: you already know, green tea is very healthy and due to its ingredients it creates a beautiful shine in the hair and compensates structural damage. It also fights free radicals, prevents e.g. sun damage and the scalp can experience a new relaxing feeling.

- Sugar beet: supports collagen production in the hair, as well as hair growth.

After you have washed your hair with Balancing Hair Wash and removed excess water, you can work a hazelnut-sized amount of Balancing Hair Hydratant into the hair length and ends. Allow 30 seconds for the active ingredients to penetrate and then rinse thoroughly.

The Sans [ceuticals] hydrant complements the balancing action of Balancing Hair Wash. With these two moisturising products, the shower becomes a wellness experience for the hair!

Brands: Sans [ceuticals]
Product type: conditioner
Requirements: moisture, Regeneration, shine, Smoothness
Hair type: normal hair
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