Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser – 250ml

Revlon Professional

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Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser – 250ml

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Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser The wonderful shampoo from Wave Remedy Eksperience ,... more

Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser

The wonderful shampoo from Wave Remedy Eksperience, cleans your wavy and curly hair and also offers an anti-frizz effect. This cleanser thoroughly conditions your hair and provides enough moisture to nourish it down to the depth of your hair shaft. Your hair is thoroughly nourished and the product gives your hair a shine and smoothness. It also protects your structure from external influences and prevents additional damage to your lengths and ends. The Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser gives your wavy and curly hair a unique bounce and elasticity like never before. Your hair will not only shine wonderfully, your curls can be styled with more bounce. The product penetrates into your innermost hair fibre when massaged in and nourishes it with lots of moisture. It coats your strands with a protection against external influences. It provides all the necessary nutrients from the root to the tip of your hair. Your hair will regain a new and noble structure with a simple application, without weighing down. Now give your curls a fabulous and new structure and after the first application be completely satisfied with the amazing result that this shampoo will give you. The pleasant aroma of this product will accompany you every day and will give your hair a pleasant but admirable and noble smell.


  • Gloss
  • Humidity
  • Abundance
  • bounce
  • Suppleness
  • Structure
  • Elasticity
  • Stop
  • Daily use
  • Combinable
  • Easy to use

Hair type

This Eksperience Revlon shampoo from the Wave Remedy line can be used on wavy and curly hair. It protects your hair from external influences without weighing it down and brings more bounce to your hair. The cleansing action of this shampoo penetrates deep into your hair shaft and ensures a smooth result. Your curls or waves will be provided with more strength and elasticity and thus prevents your tips from drying out. Your waves will be adorned with a shine again, bouncy curls will accompany you and an unforgettable smoothness will never leave your hair.


Apply this Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Shampoo evenly to damp hair and massage in thoroughly until a good lather is formed. If no real lather is formed, you can repeat this procedure a second time if necessary. Afterwards you can rinse the product well and apply a care product. The Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Mask can be combined well with this once a week. This surrounds your dandruff layer and gives your hair the last intensive care it needs. A good and intensive care is extremely important for this process, because it closes your dandruff layer and prevents external influences from penetrating and damaging your hair.


Are you dissatisfied with your current hair products that do not give your hair the care it needs? Do your curls or waves have no shape and you don't know which products you can still use to give them more bounce? This Wave Remedy line from Ekspereince Revlon will give your moving hair an amazing and decisive bounce like no other products. The ingredients provide important nutrients that your hair needs daily. These penetrate into the depths of your hair shaft and nourish it with moisture, protecting it from the inside and outside. An ideal combination to this Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser is the Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Mask. With this intensive care you will provide a wonderful and smooth finish. Your hair looks fuller, more radiant and bouncy without any additional styling products. This incredible line from Eksperience gives you the hair structure you always wanted or have always wanted.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: anti-frizz, curls, moisture, shine, Smoothness
Hair type: curly hair, damaged hair, dry hair, split ends, stubborn hair
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