Sun Pro Marine Shower Hair Cleanser - 250ml

Revlon Professional

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Sun Pro Marine Shower Hair Cleanser - 250ml

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Sun Pro Marine Shower Hair Cleanser This Sun Pro Marine Shower HairCleanser cleans your hair... more

Sun Pro Marine Shower Hair Cleanser

This Sun Pro Marine Shower HairCleanser cleans your hair and provides gentle care after contact with the sun. This shampoo is an ideal care for hair that is in constant contact with the sun. It protects your structure and rebuilds your dry and damaged ends. While you are in the sun, the UV rays can penetrate deep into your cuticle layer, which can lead to dryness and fading. Additionally, your hair is protected by chlorine and salt water. This shampoo contains nourishing ingredients that you should give to your hair every day so that it will not suffer from the sun, salt water or other damage. Your structure is protected right down to the cuticle layer and gives your lengths enough moisture to nourish them from the bottom up again. Your overstressed hair becomes soft and smooth and gets a silky and wonderful new and visible shine. The sun can no longer penetrate the deep cuticle layer and damage your hair, and external influences will not put additional strain on the structure of your hair shaft. The refined and at the same time fresh aroma of this product revives your senses and provides a unique feel-good experience. Your sunbathing will definitely be worth it after using this shampoo.


  • Shine
  • Suppleness
  • UV protection
  • Structure
  • Protective cover
  • Daily use
  • Silky surface
  • Radiant strands

Hair type

This shampoo from Sun Pro Eksperience is suitable for hair that is in the sun every day. It is ideal to take on holiday when you are on the beach. The salt water as well as the chlorine in the pools can do a lot of damage to your hair. To prevent this, you can apply this shampoo daily and after only one or two applications you will notice a significant difference to the previous structure of your hair. A protective barrier is placed over your dandruff layer, which means that your hair is protected from harmful substances. In addition, your hair colour is protected and your hair will fade less quickly and also lose its intense colour less quickly.


Do you suffer from dryness very quickly once your hair is in the sun? Do your strands or dyed hair bleach out quickly and you don't know which products to use to prevent this? After you have had contact with salt water, does your hair feel stressed and dry? These problems occur every day when you want to go on holiday to the beach. So that you can go on holiday with the correct products, you should choose the right ones. With this Sun Pro Marie Shower Hair Cleanser you are making the right choice. It protects your hair from external influences that can occur on the beach and provides a lot of moisture. The ingredients penetrate deep into your hair and protect it from the inside out. Your dyed hair is protected with this shampoo and therefore bleaches less quickly. The colour intensity stays rich longer and the structure remains smoother and softer than ever before.


You can use other Sun Pro products in addition to this soothing and light shampoo. You will achieve an irresistible result. You can apply the Two-Phase Conditioner to this rich shampoo after washing on your lengths and ends, on towel-dried hair, and let it work for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Additionally, use Sun Protective Cream to protect your tips from the sun. You can apply a small amount of the cream to your towel-dried hair on the ends and do not rinse. This nourishes your lengths and tips intensively and makes them easy to comb.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: colour protection, moisture, shine, Smoothness, UV protection
Hair type: blonde, bleached hair, brittle hair, coloured, dyed hair, damaged hair, dry hair
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