Color Protection Blonde – Grey Hair Cleanser – 250ml

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Color Protection Blonde – Grey Hair Cleanser – 250ml

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  • Contents: 250 ml
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Color Protection Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser This Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser from Revlon... more

Color Protection Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser

This Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser from Revlon's Eksperience line for blonde and grey hair cleanses gently and is a mild and rich shampoo. It helps you to eliminate the yellow tinge in your hair. If your stitches are too warm yellowish or orange, these colour pigments can be reduced with this shampoo. This product gives your hair a soft and smooth structure and provides a lot of moisture. It penetrates into your cuticle layer, cleans your hair gently but intensively and minimizes all warm pigments that are unwanted. Additionally, you can use this shampoo to strengthen and protect your abandoned colour pigments. The product coats your colour on your strands and maintains your colour intensity for a longer time. Even with stressed hair, structure is protected with this cleanser and ensures that no external influences can penetrate, which could damage the hair. Your colour lasts longer, the unwanted pigments disappear and you get a smoothness. Pamper your hair with this rich shampoo and give your hair a pleasant and shiny structure without the need to use additional products that can dry out your hair.


  • Long lasting colour
  • Minimizes warm pigments
  • Anti-yellow tint
  • Protection
  • Gloss
  • Suppleness
  • Abundance
  • Structure
  • Structuring
  • Protective barrier

Hair type

This shampoo is ideal for blonde hair that suffers from dryness or contains unwanted warm colour pigments. In addition, this shampoo can also be used on grey hair to make rough hair smooth and shiny. This will also make styling easier. Your blonde hair will have a beautiful colour again and at the same time the structure of your lengths and tips will be rebuilt from scratch without weighing your hair down. The shampoo penetrates deep into the cuticle layer of damaged hair and coats it with a kind of protective barrier. This means that no additional split ends can develop. The protective barrier around your hair is redesigned every time you wash your hair and thus ensures a shiny and unmistakable result.


This Color Protection Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser can be applied to damp hair anywhere from the roots to the ends and massaged in well. The shampoo should lather well, otherwise you are welcome to repeat this procedure to clean your hair intensively. This shampoo contains rich ingredients that will give your bleached, dyed or grey hair a moisturising and restorative structure. You can also combine this wonderful shampoo with other products from the Eksperience line to achieve a noticeable result.


Do you have blonde hair which has a too warm tone or after a while an unwanted warm nuance develops? Are your hair dry and strained from colouring and bleaching and you can't find products that give you a structured, rich and smooth texture? Do you have products at home that you use, where you wonder why your tips are still dry and damaged? This Color Protection Blonde - Grey Hair Cleanser is the ideal product you can use for these problems. The Cleanser gives you a new and rich structure and does not weigh down your hair additionally. It also provides your dry and damaged hair with enough moisture to nourish and rebuild it intensively. Your unwanted nuances are minimized with this shampoo and you will have a unique and wonderful colour again. If you have gray hair and your shampoo cannot moisturize you enough and you still have very rough and unruly hair, this product will help you to restore the structure and give your hair a new and beautiful smoothness.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: colour protection, moisture, shine, smooth hair
Hair type: blonde, bleached hair, coloured, dyed hair, damaged hair, dry hair, mature hair
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