Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Lotion – 12 x 7ml

Revlon Professional

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Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Lotion – 12 x 7ml

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Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Lotion - 12 x 7ml This Anti Hair Loss SOS Scalp Revitalizing... more

Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Lotion - 12 x 7ml

This Anti Hair Loss SOS Scalp Revitalizing Lotion actively helps to counteract your hair loss. The contained ingredients of Aquamaris Complex provide a visible result only after a few weeks. This product is a vitalizing scalp treatment for persistent hair loss. It actively counteracts hair loss and provides a new and structured texture. Your fine and weak hair is strengthened again and covered with a protective cover to protect your hair and hair follicles from external influences. Many people suffer from hair loss, making it all the more important to use the right products. The Anti Hair Loss Line is specifically designed to strengthen your hair from within and to build a new and intense structure. These products have special ingredients that ensure that your hair cells are activated from new and growth can be promoted. Your hair will quickly feel more manageable and fuller without the need for additional products. This lotion also contains a wonderful taste, which gives your scalp a refreshing and pleasant feeling. The aroma accompanies you and lets you enjoy the day in full relaxation.


  • Active effect
  • Against hair loss
  • Nursing
  • Moisture
  • Easy to use
  • Rich ingredients
  • Gloss
  • Intensive effect

Hair type

This product is ideal for fine and weak hair, which needs structure and a rich hold. It builds up from the hair root and gives you a new and firm structure. Fine hair can quickly become dull and dull and can also be very difficult to style. In addition, it can also grease quickly if you use certain styling products. With this Anti Hair Loss SOS Scalp Revitalizing Lotion you can avoid this. Your fine hair will be rebuilt and you will get a voluminous fullness after only a few applications, which you can create during styling without additional products. Your weak hair will be intensively nourished and you will get a shiny and smooth structure very quickly. 


You can apply this scalp revitalizing lotion after shampooing on your wet, preferably towel-dried, hair parting wisely on the scalp and massage it in well. By massaging your blood circulation is stimulated, which leads to the fact that your hair root can regenerate with the additional product. You can apply this lotion, which comes in small ampoules, 1-2 times per week, preferably during 6 weeks, to create an effective result.


Are you dissatisfied with your current products and have not yet found anything that intensively counteracts your hair loss? Do you lose more than 100 hairs a day and notice how your hair is getting thinner and finer? Then this product will help you. This vitalizing scalp lotion prevents additional hair loss and protects your hair and hair roots from external influences. You will notice how your hair becomes fuller and stronger after just one intensive application of this product. In addition, you will have less hair loss and styling will be easier. You will be able to create a wonderful and decisive volume without the use of various styling products. 


Not only the unique head massage that you should make this product work wonders on your head. If you would like to try other products from this line, you can also try our Anti Hair Loss Revitalizing Tonic. The effect is also extremely intense and you will notice a noticeable difference after just a few applications. If you are also so enthusiastic about this line of Eksperience revlon, then take a look at the other products we offer that you can certainly benefit from. They give every hair, scalp and colour a unique, new and fresh treatment and an amazing structure.

Brands: Revlon Professional
Product line: Eksperience
Product type: serum
Requirements: hair growth, anti-hair loss, shine, volume
Hair type: damaged hair, fine hair
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