Shaver Series 9000 Rasierapparat S9711/31


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The Philips S9711/31 rotary razor offers a new level of contour adaptation with its familiar... more

The Philips S9711/31 rotary razor offers a new level of contour adaptation with its familiar Philips V-shape. But whether one promises oneself like Jürgen Klopp no longer unmanly face distortion is revealed here. Philips razors in general have long stood for skin protection and quality, which is also embodied by the Philips S9711/31.

Thanks to the cleaning station, handling and cleaning is child's play. Philips Smart Clean Plus works with a cleaning cartridge that cleans the device and applies conditioning oils. The device is dried and the battery is charged. These cleaning cartridges need to be purchased after a while, but they are inexpensive.

The built-in lithium-ion battery provides power for 60 minutes of operation, which is enough for several weeks of shaving. Philips also surpasses the battery life of Braun, which is often less than 50 minutes. Also included is a Smartclick beard styler, which, as the name suggests, is responsible for grooming longer whiskers. The beardstyler allows a variation of the cutting length from 0,5 to 5 mm which is sufficient for a three-day beard. There is also a travel bag for the razor, so you can take it with you on the way.

Brands: Philips
Skin type: blemished skin, combination skin, dry skin, greasy skin, mature skin, normal skin, sensitive skin
Target audience: men
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