Awapuhi Wild Ginger Smooth Mirrorsmooth Conditioner - 1000ml

Paul Mitchell

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Awapuhi Wild Ginger Smooth Mirrorsmooth Conditioner - 1000ml
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Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth Conditioner - 1000ml Get the maximum shine for... more

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth Conditioner - 1000ml

Get the maximum shine for your hair! With the exclusive Mirrorsmooth Conditioner from Paul Mitchell this is a breeze. The conditioner provides great shine as well as easy combing and conditioning. The conditioner achieves great results even without a long application time. Already after the first application, frizz can be reduced by up to 67%. Even in higher humidity, your hair is protected from frizz and remains beautifully supple. In addition to this benefit, the Mirrorsmooth Conditioner has others. The conditioner makes your hair up to 91% smoother. Ideal for all those who suffer from frizzy hair and want a straight head of hair. Due to the many nourishing substances, the conditioner makes combing easier. Already when rinsing the hair is much softer and can then be styled much better. Thanks to the increased combability, straightening and styling is also a breeze. The hair is optimally prepared for all smooth looks.


  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Facilitates combing
  • Perfect for straight looks
  • Optimal preparation for straightening
  • Moisturizes
  • Gives hair up to 2x more shine
  • Makes hair up to 91% smoother
  • Reduces frizz
  • Smells wonderfully fresh
  • Gives irresistible shine
  • With natural Awapuhi extract

Hair type

This nourishing conditioner is ideal for all hair types. It is especially recommended for hair that tends to frizz. The conditioner can be used for any hair condition. Whether the hair is natural, dry or dyed. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients, the hair is always supplied with the right active ingredients.


Your hair is hard to comb? You want more care for your hair? Are you looking for a conditioner that gives your hair more shine? You want a conditioner that cares for your hair and eliminates frizz? You want to prepare your hair optimally for straightening? You want to protect your hair from frizz? You want a conditioner that gives your hair up to two times more shine? Then the Mirrorsmooth Conditioner is just right for you.


The Awapuhi Mirrorsmooth Conditioner can be used with every hair wash. It provides even more shine, easier combing and soft hair. To use your hair should first be cleaned with the Mirrorsmooth shampoo . Then, when the hair is towel-dried, the conditioner comes into play. Take a sufficient amount and apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. Distribute the conditioner well. Depending on the hair type, it may be helpful to take a comb with coarse teeth to help. Once the conditioner is evenly distributed throughout the hair, leave it on for 30 seconds. Then rinse out the conditioner with plenty of water. Your hair will already feel soft and smooth.


The Awapuhi Wild Ginger line by Paul Mitchell is particularly distinguished by its unique composition. Extracts of natural Awapuhi nourish the hair and balance the moisture. As a result, the hair is soft, supple and receives plenty of moisture. The selected oils also ensure supple hair. Extracts of white ginger provide optimal all-round care for the hair.
Get even more shine! If you can't get enough shine, try the Mirrorsmooth Treatment Oil. The oil is simply distributed in the hair and it gives instant shine. Perfect for those who can't get enough shine.


Discover our large selection of high-quality Awapuhi Wild Ginger care products by Paul Mitchell at

Brands: Paul Mitchell
Product line: Awapuhi Wild Ginger
Product type: conditioner
Requirements: anti-frizz, Combing, moisture, reduced drying time, Regeneration, shine, smooth hair, Smoothness
Hair type: dry hair, fine hair, normal hair, strong, thick hair, stubborn hair
Scalp: dry, greasy, sensitive
Fragrance: fresh
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