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Orofluido Amazonia Shampoo
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Discover the beauty ritual from the Amazon with Orofluido Amazonia.  Dive into the... more

Discover the beauty ritual from the Amazon with Orofluido Amazonia. 

Dive into the world of tropical plants, exotic flowers and fruits and let yourself be enchanted by the hair care secret from the Amazon. The Amazon impresses with its seemingly endless expanses and almost boundless variety of species. Special plants and extraordinary trees and bushes dominate the rainforest area. In order to survive, these creatures need a particularly high resistance, which is generated by their own power. Inspired by the plants and creatures of the Amazon, the new hair care line Orofluido Amazonia was developed.

Hair care strengthens the hair and builds up the hair fibre from within. Just like the plants of the Amazon constantly ensure that leaves and flowers regenerate themselves. This is how the Orofluido Amazonia Shamopoo ensures intensive regeneration of the hair. Strong fibre compounds penetrate the hair and strengthen it in the weakest areas. This gives the hair more resistance and elasticity. The hair is more resistant to heat such as blow-drying or to dryness, for example in dry heating air.

Inspired by the glorious and exotic scents of the Amazon, Orofluido Amazonia Shampoo is infused with exciting fragrance components. It has a refreshing and invigorating effect and provides a wonderful cleansing sensation. The shampoo gently removes residues from the hair and builds them up at the same time. This strengthens the hair from within. It appears healthier and more vital. Due to the caring oils contained in the shampoo, the hair gets a wonderful shine. Already after the first wash the hair feels soft and smooth. 


  • strengthens the hair fibre
  • repairs the hair
  • gives your hair a great shine
  • moisturizes
  • makes the hair soft 
  • wonderful tropical scent
  • ideal for all hair types
  • with a triple complex of natural Amazon plants
  • contains Murumuru Butter
  • Suitable for daily hair washing

Amazonia Shampoo Orofluido is applied to wet hair. Take a small amount of the rich shampoo and apply it to the scalp. Massage the shampoo all over the scalp. A fine foam is formed which cleanses the hair.
Once the hair and scalp are cleansed, rinse the Amazonia Shampoo Orofluido on the hair. There should be no residue left in the hair.
Afterwards, the Amazonia Orofluido Conditioner should be used. Once or twice a week the Orofluido Amazonia Hair Mask should also be used. This provides optimum care and regeneration of the hair. 

Hair type
Amazonia Shampoo Orofluido is suitable for all hair types. It can even be used on fine hair as it does not weigh down the hair. Since it provides extra moisture and regenerates the hair, it is especially suitable for damaged hair. It repairs the hair and protects against further hair damage. 

Inspired by the plants and animals of the Amazon, Amazonia Shampoo Orofluido is also enriched with special extracts from the tropics.
One ingredient is Murumuru Butter. It provides the hair with a lot of moisture and is rich in valuable fatty acids. This smoothes the hair cuticle. This is very important especially with regular use. Because the smoother the cuticle of the hair is, the healthier the hair is.
Another component of the shampoo is an oil from the Inca nut. This oil ensures healthy hair and scalp. It has a repairing effect and reconstructs the hair. Thus it plays an important role in the regeneration of hair.
The next tropical ingredient of the shampoo is the extract of Acai berries. These wonderful berries have long been considered an insider tip for Superfood fans. They are scented with antioxidants and thus care for the hair. The antioxidants provide for a youthful looking hair which shines full of vitality.

Are you looking for a hair shampoo to rebuild your hair? You want more moisture in your hair? You are looking for a shampoo that gives your hair shine? You want to rebuild your hair? You are looking for a hair product to repair your hair? You want a shampoo with a tropical scent to relax your hair? You want a super hair regeneration? Then Amazonia Shampoo Orofluido is the right hair product for you. 

Brands: Orofluido
Product type: shampoo
Requirements: Cleansing, moisture, Regeneration
Hair type: damaged hair, dry hair, normal hair
Ingredients: Keratin
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14 Oct 2019

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