OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask


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OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask
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Multimasking let's go! The OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask allows you to treat all zones of... more

Multimasking let's go! The OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask allows you to treat all zones of the face with the appropriate care. This improves the skin and makes it feel healthy again. These masks come from Korea and promise a youthful appearance, a fresh look and a refined skin texture. With the four different steps you care for the eyes, the T-zone and the C-zone with masks and creams. Try out the Multimasking Trend and benefit from the new, radiant complexion.


  • Multimasking Mask with 4 steps
  • Cares for every area of the face as needed
  • Reduces wrinkles and tightens
  • With activated charcoal: cleans, detoxifies and cares
  • Moisturizing care
  • Suitable for all skin types

Skin type
This mask specifically addresses the needs of the individual facial areas. However, it is equally suitable for all skin types.

Do you want to try out the megatrend multimasking? Do you love face masks and are you looking for a new one? Do you want to pamper your skin with important care substances and give it nutrients? Do you want to smooth out wrinkles and lines and do you want your skin to look even? Do you love any kind of face mask, care and beauty? Do you like Korean facial care? Then the OMG is waiting! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask for you.

In this mask you will find 3 different masks for different zones, and a moisturizer.

Step 1 Eye Zone 14K Gold Eye Patch: The Soft Hydrogel Patches are placed under the eyes. There the ingredients like 24K Gold nourish the soft skin under the eyes. These help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. They thus ensure a firm, revitalized and youthful look.

zone 2
Step 2 T Zone Charcoal Clay Mask: This mask contains activated charcoal which cleanses, detoxifies and refines the pores. It is used exclusively in the T clay.

zone 3
Step 3 U Zone Kaolin Clay Mask: This mask consists of kaolin, also known as white clay. Used in the U zone, it tightens the skin and even revitalizes it. 

zone 4
Step 4 Moisture Finishing Cream: This moisturizing cream finishes the treatment and provides the skin with moisture. Thanks to Hydration Active Technology, the skin remains nourished and cared for for a long time.


  1. Apply the 24K Gold Eye Patches under the eyes.
  2. Then gently spread the Step 2 mask over the T-zone.
  3. Then gently spread the Step 3 mask over the U-zone (chin and cheeks).
  4. After 10-15 minutes, wash all masks with water and remove the eye patches.
  5. Then spread the Moisture Finishing Cream over the entire face and massage it in gently.

Discover more masks from OMG! From Korea, with which you can care and pamper your skin.

Brands: OMG!
Product type: Masks
Requirements: moisture, Relaxation, Skin firming
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