Lippenpomade (15g)


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Lippenpomade (15g)

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You long for a high-quality lip balm for men? Mootes lip balm consists exclusively of natural... more

You long for a high-quality lip balm for men? Mootes lip balm consists exclusively of natural ingredients. The lip balm is specially adapted to the needs of men's lips. It protects your lips from all environmental influences and provides them with nourishing beeswax. The beeswax has a special task. It provides for the suppleness and for velvet-soft lips. In addition, the lip care heals sensitive and delicate lips thanks to its natural components - beeswax and rosemary oil. Because especially in winter many people suffer from strained lips.
Rosemary oil has a natural antiseptic effect. So it heals your lips and gives bacteria no chance. Moot lip balm has an invigorating effect due to the rosemary oil and promotes blood circulation.
Besides, the rosemary oil offers a pleasant masculine scent which remains on the lips for a while. For all men who want to have smooth, soft and well-groomed lips, Moots lip balm is an absolute must! With its cool casual design it is a little rarity for everyone. It also fits in every pocket and is ultra-light. 


  • Provides for smooth, soft lips
  • Maintains
  • Natural ingredients
  • Invigorating effect
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Promotes concentration
  • Antibacterial, disinfecting effect
  • Smells pleasant

Skin type Suitable for all lip types. Especially suitable for very dry and sensitive lips.

Use your Mootes lip balm when you feel your lips need protection or care. Unscrew the small lid of the pomade and rub the balm softly with your finger. The soft pomade quickly becomes soft and you can apply it directly to your lips with your fingertips. Ideally you should wash your hands before each application.
For particularly dry lips, the Mootes Pomade can also be applied overnight. Spread the lip balm evenly on your lips every evening and let it work in. Already in the morning you have beautiful and soft lips. 

You have chapped and cracked lips every day? Your lips are tight, brittle and aching? No matter what you use, your lips reject it? You want a quality lip balm? You set value on natural care? Then Mootes Lip Balm is the ideal care for you.

The lip balm can not only be used for the lips but also helps wonderfully with dry areas on the skin. Apply it regularly to knees, elbows or other dry areas. After a short, regular application you will notice a clear difference. 


Brands: mootes
Product type: Lip care
Requirements: moisture
Target audience: men
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